Tomi Sue Dinsman loves sharing the best in spirits and wines with Couture Cocktails Wine & Spirits Brokerage. She works with brands such as Barton & Gustier Wines, the Bitter Truth Bitters and specialty liquors, Berentzen liquors, Rum Chata, Tippy Cow and Agave Loco Tequila. Recently she added MYX Fusions Moscato beverages and MYX Fusions Sangrias by Nicki Minaj.

One of the best ways to share is through demonstrations and tasting events, as well as participation in epicurean events, festivals and celebrations. Couture Cocktails works with distribution networks such as Breakthru Beverage and Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits (formerly Southern Wine & Spirits). It develops and grows the distribution of products into the Las Vegas marketplace with companies including Lee’s Liquor, ABC stores, grocery chains and convenience stores, as well as restaurants, bars, lounges and casinos.

“I am most excited about the new concept whiskey, Four Kings Whiskey, based on the four Kings in a deck of poker cards that will be launching this year,” Dinsman said. Four Kings Whiskey project has brought some of the most successful brand business professionals together and will be Las Vegas-based. The whiskey line will feature four distinctive flavors, the King of Hearts, a charred espresso whiskey; the King of Clubs, a butter pecan whiskey; the King of Diamonds, a dark chocolate whiskey; and the
King of Spades, an Irish mint whiskey. The

project will include a destination visitor’s center in Las Vegas, as the brand is focused on a lifestyle and culture of gaming players. We believe this is a brand the female consumer will want to ‘go all in,’ especially with the delicious recipe with real dark chocolate King of Diamonds and Rum Chata over ice.”

According to Dinsman, “The brands that I work with count on my background and professionalism to work the Las Vegas and Reno markets expanding and growing the distribution of their products into the stores and restaurants. I then represent the brands at local events and tastings where I have the opportunity to talk to consumers about the products they taste and where they may purchase them.

“I am also available and love to meet with event planners or someone who is planning a home party or office party to assist with recipes for event cocktails. I will meet and bring samples based on what is the focus for the event, and then design a cocktail menu that will rock the socks off guests. If the client chooses, I will also work the event as the bar mixologist service professional to make sure the drinks are made perfect each time,” she explained.

Some feature recipes for fall include the Toot-Toot Tootsie made with Tippy Cow Chocolate and Orange Cream (yes it’s just like a Tootsie Roll), Wild Card Martini made with Four Kings Whiskey, Irish cream liqueur and vodka. For a hot beverage, add to hot chocolate or coffee.

Other fall cocktail recipes include:

Apple Sidecar
1½ ounces of cognac
1 ounce Berentzen Apple Liqueur
½ ounce lemon juice
Mix together into a chilled glass.

moscow-muleBerentzen Mule
1 ounce vodka
1 ounce Berentzen Pear Liqueur
1 ounce lime juice
½ ounce Bitter Truth Elderflower liquor
Ginger beer

Combine and pour into a chilled mule cup.

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