A Helpful Alternative for Starting a Family

Red Rock Fertility Center is focused on its mission to help couples succeed in their wish to become a family. Nothing makes Dr. Eva Littman, RRFC founder and practice director, happier than welcoming these very wanted new babies into the world.

Red Rock Fertility Center Sometimes, there are significant obstacles in a couple’s quest to conceive. For conception to occur, a woman must produce healthy and robust eggs. Because human beings are still biologically programmed to reproduce at fairly young ages, for women over 40, egg production is often compromised. In other cases, the problem might be damage from previous gynecological procedures or from treatments for serious diseases like cancer. It’s a fact that some women simply produce eggs that are not as viable as they need to be for successful fertilization.

Red Rock Fertility Center can offer these couples new hope and a very high degree of likely success with its innovative donor egg program. This program is carefully structured to ensure the best possible results, and presents several very important advantages. The sperm of the male partner fertilizes the eggs. The female partner carries the baby and bonds naturally with her baby during her pregnancy. Donor eggs also allow male LGBT couples to realize their dreams of family with help both from donor eggs and a gestational carrier.

Red Rock Fertility Center has developed its egg donor program with great sensitivity and with all the safeguards couples need to be comfortable and enthusiastic about their choices. Each couple chooses from an extensive list of prescreened potential donors, with each of these potential donors presenting a 12-page profile detailing all her important specifics. These include a full medical and reproductive history and a complete outline of the donor’s ethnic and family background. In the donor profile, RRFC patients also learn about the donor’s education level, professional and personal skills, religious background, temperament and personality.

The next characteristics in the profile are physical and contain information both from the donor and from her family, which includes her parents, siblings and grandparents. These genetic characteristics include donor eye color, shape and size, facial features, height and weight, and hair color, type and fullness, as well as hair color as a child. A dental history further fills out the complete genetic profile.

Dr. LittmanDr. Littman also understands that it’s critical for patients to understand the strength of the RRFC donor pool itself. Usually, egg donors are women in their early 20s. Women from a wide variety of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds make the decision to become egg donors. Many are professionals, with occupations across a broad spectrum, and most are motivated to become donors because of a strong wish to help others. All potential donors are personally interviewed and screened by Dr. Littman and Red Rock Fertility Center’s experienced staff. The rigorous selection process helps to ensure the best possible pool of donors and the most positive results for RRFC patients.

To protect everyone’s privacy, all donors are anonymous, and all personal information for donor egg recipients is strictly confidential. Neither party knows any identifying details about the other, and full legal safeguards and protections are in place.

“I love working with patients who’ve all but given up on the dream of becoming a family. Helping them is my biggest challenge and provides the greatest rewards in my practice”

Once patients have selected a donor, the next step is fertilizing the eggs. This process is the same as it is for a standard in vitro fertilization, or IVF, pregnancy. First, the donor eggs need to be harvested at the correct time in the donor’s menstrual cycle. The typical donor cycle results in the retrieval of 12 to 18 healthy eggs. The eggs are then fertilized in the lab, using the sperm of the male partner. The healthy fertilized eggs are then implanted in the mother-to-be at the correct time in her cycle. RRFC is very proud of its success rate of over 78 percent with donor eggs.

“I love working with patients who’ve all but given up on the dream of becoming a family. Helping them is my biggest challenge and provides the greatest rewards in my practice. Every year, at our annual RRFC picnic, I see so many big smiles on so happy many faces. These are moms, dads, darling babies and even siblings,” Dr. Littman said. “ I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.”

RRFC boasts the very latest in reproductive technology. It was the first clinic in Southern Nevada to have a certified IVF clean room, an innovation that produces air, which is 166,000 times more pure and clean than ordinary outside air. This environment is critical for producing high pregnancy success rates. RRFC also uses the latest Saturn Laser, which is invaluable for procedures on the embryos to minimize damage and reduce time outside of the incubators, also leading to increased success rates so important with donor eggs. Because of Dr. Littman’s emphasis on stress reduction and a positive patient experience, RRFC provides a spa-like environment. Patients have access to a wide variety of resources to support their mental and physical health during the treatment process. These include massage therapy, acupuncture options and the overall personal approach that Dr. Littman has pioneered.

She also knows that all families worry about the financial part of treatment. Dr. Littman and her staff are firmly committed to full disclosure. Each patient, and their supporting partner, is fully aware of costs ahead of time, which are outlined clearly with no hidden or unexpected charges. Before treatment begins, her staff does exhaustive due diligence to explore all possible insurance coverage and benefits. Dr. Littman makes sure that her patients have accessible and reasonable payment options as they begin the journey toward parenthood.

“One thing I’ve really learned in my practice is that no one fertility solution works for everyone,” Dr. Littman said. “Our donor egg program provides a sensitive and affirming way for many people to start a family. Therefore, I’m committed to making it the very best program available.”

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