Eyeglasses are more than a way to correct vision. Eyewear has become a fashion statement and accessory to create an image. But along with looking good, glasses must properly fit for vision correction, as well as framing the face. A trained optician is vital to any practice for vision and Grady “Chip” Williams Jr. is the master optician at Trendsetter Eyewear.

As an optician, he fills the prescription for contacts and eyewear. Williams began working in eyewear as a teenager and cultivated his skills as an optician throughout the years. His father is an optometrist and Williams gained experience working with him in the practice.
A veteran, Williams was a medic and corpsman while serving in the U.S. Navy. He then transitioned as a medic for an ambulance service in civilian life. Williams changed careers and return to optics since he felt this is what he does best.

TrendsetterAs for finding the right frames, “Looks are a matter of preference and opinion,” Williams stated. “I give my opinion and I realize styles and fashion change over time.” He makes certain the frames are not too big or too small to fit the proportion of the face.

Trendsetter Eyewear features a hand-selected collection of designer frames. Williams monitors the collection to ensure there is a variety of styles and sizes for all ages to create a selection of choices. His many years of experience ensure that the eyewear fits the face and is adjusted correctly. He can also do some eyewear repair in the office. Trendsetter Eyewear also collects eyeglasses and frames no longer in use and donates them to the Lions Club, which has a program to distribute to people in need.

There are many lenses for vision correction and Williams works with the doctor to determine what lens design works best for the patient. He also teaches those who are wearing contact lenses for the first time how to insert and remove the lens as well as how to properly care for the contact lenses.

Romance SS14 Nirvana- PortraitDon’t forget to protect eyes with sunglasses. Sunglasses with full UV coverage protect the eyelids, the eye and surrounding skin from sun damage, and decrease risk of skin cancer. When wearing contact lenses, sunglasses also help block the wind and debris from eyes. This helps reduce dry contact lenses and increases comfort. Trendsetter Eyewear’s optical boutique has a large selection of designer sunglasses in the latest fashion that will protect eyes and contact lenses.

Dr. Cynthia Payne provides comprehensive eye exams and contact lens exams at Trendsetter Eyewear. She can help determine if contact lenses are a safe option for your eyes and choose the best contact lens option for you based on your prescription and visual needs. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Payne at Trendsetter Eyewear, 702.479.5222, or schedule your eye exam appointment online at TrendsetterEyewear.com.