Elizabeth Matthews is no stranger to trying new things. For a thrill seeker who has jumped out of planes and bungee jumped off of commercial towers, taking on new opportunities is as easy as breathing. In her newest opportunity as the recently introduced manager of United Way of Southern Nevada’s Young Philanthropists Society, she is leading a passionate team of young professionals to improve the lives of children and families in Southern Nevada.

With a new manager comes a new focus. The Young Philanthropists Society, known simply to its members as YPS, has shifted gears and become more than a group. It’s a movement for these like-minded young professionals who are using their efforts to help the community. “We are Southern Nevada, and together, we have power,” Matthews said. “Every single member is dedicated to using that power to make lasting change.”

The members themselves are crucial to the success and community work of YPS. With over 50 members made up of the area’s best and brightest young professionals, they have collectively raised over $750,000 since the group was founded. “We have a great network of members and supporters who believe in the mission of YPS and United Way, and they are excited to get involved,” she said.

Three of these supporters make up the new leadership of YPS. Senior co-chair Justin Micatrotto and co-chair Timara Marquis were among the founding members when YPS started in 2009, while vice chair Landon Mance is a recent addition to the group and the leadership team. “I am so grateful to them for their support,” Matthews said. “They are a strong and invaluable team dedicated to seeing YPS succeed.”

Part of this dedication to success is offering new opportunities to members. YPS members participate in social and networking events with other young professionals, but new to YPS are learning opportunities with other United Way of Southern Nevada donors, some of the area’s most influential philanthropists who are committed to creating positive change.

Even with these new opportunities, YPS is still dedicated to its mission to improve lives in Southern Nevada through programs like the Piggy Bank, which helps local children learn to save and prepare for a successful future. “I joined YPS because it provides opportunities to be both invested and involved in the success of the children in our community,” said co-chair Timara Marquis. “The collective impact that YPS has achieved through the Piggy Bank program is what inspires me to renew my commitment to YPS each year.”

The new leadership wants to find the right balance for members, providing opportunities to volunteer in the community and engage with fellow professionals. With these passionate advocates dedicated not only to the success of their community impact, but also to the personal growth of members, YPS is entering a new era of giving and making an impact in the community.

To learn more about YPS, visit uwsn.org/yps or contact Elizabeth Matthews at ElizabethM@uwsn.org or 702.892.2323.