By Rev Tabithi

Many experts say that being at odds with what is causes stress. Others say that disappointment and frustration is caused by trying to squeeze the vastness of life into our limited perceptions of what life is or what we want to happen. When it comes to what is: anything that exists is part of All or Everything that exists. Everything is rooted in what is.

What if takes us to a place that is beyond what we currently know. From one angle it is impossible to go beyond what is because anything we can name is contained in or exists within the what is. The other angle is until something exists then it cannot be found anywhere existing within what is or within all that is. What if is the vehicle that takes us to a place thinking outside the box. What if brings us through the doorway into the infinite range of our imagination.

What if causes us to ask things like:
What if I choose to become a better than I’ve ever been?
What if I were more loving, compassionate and forgiving?
What if I made sure that I complete my most important goals?
What if I decide to say yes to all of the good that life has in store for me?
What if I saw my life as a gift to be enjoyed instead of some problem needing to be solved?

Now this brings us to the Manifest and the Unmanifest. Manifest means to come into existence or expression. Unmanifest means it has not happened yet. The what is represents the manifest and the what if represents the unmanifest. Darkness represents unlimited potential (what if) and the light represents expressed potential (what is). Then there is the known (what is) and the unknown (what if).

What if comes from a place called what’s possible. What’s possible is a place that knows no boundaries and has no limitations. Thanks to what if we are never trapped in, limited to or stuck in what seems to be or what is.

Happy Blessings

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