Over the holidays and into the New Year, these books are certain to motivate sticking to new resolutions, sharing ideas and being memorized with action and thrills.


book coverNegatively Ever After: A Skeptic’s Guide to Happiness by Deanna Willmon
Public speaker and author Deanna Willmon explores negativity, being positive and creating happiness from a different perspective. The author was inspired to write her book when she realized she was jealous of perpetually positive people because the mainstream idea is that happiness is equal to positivity. Willmon finally realized that it wasn’t necessary to get rid of all negativity in order to be happy, but to work with it and understand it. One profound idea is to embrace dislikes without judgment. After evaluating, one can work on a dislike because of they want to, not because they have to or they will never be happy. Using a simple Happiness Bank analogy, Willmon shares her research, experiences and missteps in discovering that negativity is not the enemy. From achieving self-adoration and learning what gratitude truly means to determining whether sharing happiness is really a clever idea, this book explains how to develop Negativity Wisdom in order to embrace and effectively utilize inherent negative tendencies. She debunks the popular misconception that being positive and being happy is synonymous.


book coverNevada Women’s Legacy: 150 Years of Excellence by Marlene J. Adrian and Denise M. Gerdes
The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Women of Diversity Productions, Inc. initiated a cultural and historical project to celebrate women of the Nevada Sesquicentennial (150 years). Embracing women from all of the state, committee members of the project interviewed over 200 women to document the stories of Nevada women who made their mark from 1864 to 2014. Members collected oral histories, video interviews, diaries, photographs and personal treasures of Nevada women and their contributions, which are now permanently stored and displayed. Professions featured include doctors, nurses, educators, politicians, homemakers, artists, authors, farmers, ranchers and lawyers. Also included are the First Ladies of Nevada as well as representation of all of the counties. It commemorates the varied contributions and diversification of those living in Nevada. The coffee table book, full of photos and inspiring bios, show how women demonstrate and embrace the state’s motto of “Nevada Proud, Nevada Battle Born.”


book coverWicked Prayers by S. D. Moore
Award winning author S. D. Moore has crafted a novel about good versus evil with a battle in the fictional place of Automntown. Del Cameron is an ex-military officer turned detective who is called to stop the evil powers and the dreadful creatures unleashed in his city. He gathers an unusual band of heroes to fight these formidable adversaries while searching his own soul. Cameron’s back-story is a conflict of a sleepy town with memories of violent crime that might have been committed elsewhere but seared in his memory. With a kidnapping of a child, it becomes a never-ending battle of characters to stay alive whether on the side of good or evil. The story is filled with thrills, horror, mystery, action and the supernatural. Action starts quickly and takes the reader on a horror roller coaster ride throughout the entire novel. The development of the characters is deep while combining horror, suspense and even a little comedy. This is a mix of supernatural genre with a touch of mystery, action sequences and epic characters.