Chef Oscar Sanchez is passionate about food including its preparation, presentation and taste. Chef Sanchez has learned from many chefs during his career and continues to master his skills. He has worked in every aspect in the restaurant business including as an executive chef and restaurateur. His new venture is Oscar Catering.

Born and raised in a small town in Colombia, South America, Chef Sanchez’s sister helped him move to the United States for the chance of a better life. He did not speak English and started his culinary career as a dishwasher.

But he was very driven with tons of ambition, wanting to learn everything he could from people that he admired. He became a self-taught chef who wanted to express his love of food by obtaining knowledge of international cuisine.

“In Las Vegas, we have people who travel here from around the world,” he explained. “We have also have people living here who come from other countries. I want to offer any cuisine, especially when I am catering a party or special event.” This is one of his goals for the success of his new company.

His first career choice was to become a pilot in the Air Force but due to his eyesight was unable to pursue that dream. Chef Sanchez thought about the delicious meals prepared by his grandmother and mother and decided to become a chef.

Following his dreams, he was hired at the Bellagio to assist the chefs in food preparation. Chef Sanchez became the head chef at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and worked there for five years. There was a position at Caesars Palace and then a promotion as Executive Chef at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel where he worked for four years. Chef Sanchez mastered Spanish cuisine and created many new recipes, helping the venue to be ranked as No. 8 as best cuisine in a city with thousands of places to eat.
“I decided to open my own place after my success in the hotels,” he said. After operating a restaurant, he realized he would rather cater and create different cuisines for different events. Chef Sanchez can offer Colombian, Mexican, Italian, French, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, Peruvian, American classic and others. He can also tailor menus for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Recently married with a blended family of six children, he wants to educate as many people as possible on a healthier dining lifestyle, especially children. He has a goal to lecture at schools to help guide children.

Chef Sanchez has also created recipes that he would like to share with people to take home and enjoy better health. He incorporates his passion, knowledge and expertise to create tasty, healthier food from around the world.

Executive Chef Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Caterin