Betty Ann Golden epitomizes her name. Bob, her husband of 47 years, her two sons, grandchildren, friends and many clients and businesses associates view Betty Ann as a loving, caring and insightful person. But most importantly, as Betty Ann emphasizes, she has learned over the years to love and care for herself so she can truly be there for others.

Betty Ann Golden

It is because of her love of life and all who are in it that she is so successful personally and professionally. Bob and Betty Ann are one of the happiest couples who work and play together. It is a true love story involving a dynamic woman and a charismatic man. Photos on their Facebook pages show them at charity events, supporting their entertainer friends’ shows and spending time with family. The light and laughter in their eyes can be seen for miles.

wife and husbandShe is the founding vice president of the Karma International Las Vegas Chapter, a private membership organization for executives and entrepreneurs to connect professionally and socially. She was recognized as the Member of the Month by the organization for November. Betty Ann has been a board member of Mondays Dark since its inception, along with other charitable organizations including The MaCabe Foundation through SendOutCards and many other charities through Karma International.

Betty Ann doesn’t work at being inspiring; she is an inspiration to all who meet her. Her life story would need to be written in a novel to cover all aspects and what brought Betty Ann to this point on her journey.

She has become an influential entrepreneur; nationally recognized for her business acumen, trustworthiness and interpersonal skills. Throughout the years, Betty Ann has developed many businesses and achieved great accomplishments along with creating lasting relationships. Currently, Betty Ann and her husband Bob own and operate Golden Greetings, Inc. under the parent company SendOutCards, a relationship marketing business and personal online tool.

I love my life. If you love what you are then you are going to love your life.

Creating relationships has always been their focus in life. This is who she is and how she built an amazing business in real estate and SendOutCards all by word of mouth (referrals). Being introduced to SendOutCards during one of the busiest times of their lives. Betty Ann was recognized and earned top outside real estate agent in 1996 at Lake Las Vegas. She was a broker in California and Nevada for close to 30 years, surviving the ups and downs of the real estate market. While juggling all her responsibilities as a wife, mother, grandmother and businesswoman, she (as well as Bob) was also in the middle of designing and building their dream home.

They discovered that SendOutCards was the perfect answer to reach out and connect with clients and associates. It is a unique online greeting card company that allows the sender to use a personal photo, add a message and include a gift all from a computer or smart phone device.

“It is a great way to build a strong relationship and make it stronger with appreciation and gratitude. We discovered that by using this simple marketing tool for businesses as well as reaching out to individuals it has a whole new meaning to creating a relationship that will last forever. I love the fact that when your card and, if you sent one, gift arrives at their office or home and it makes an impression that they can touch and feel,” she explained.

They used the services to the point where it started to grow organically as another business. In August 2006 they attended their first company convention and realized this might be their next endeavor. While Betty Ann loved being a real estate broker, it was very time consuming. Bob’s businesses also took him away from home for long periods with great demands on his time and energy. They decided to expand their success through this unique network marketing program and within a year started earning six figures.

After 12 years, they have expanded their reach across the United States as well as into Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. They tell everyone that SendOutCards is a high technology company with a heart. Betty Ann and Bob believe in the principles of business held by the company as well as embracing online retail. In 2009 they earned their company’s Distributor of the Year award and in 2010 they reached the top level of Eagle in their company. Betty Ann and Bob now serve as master trainers and advisory board members to help their company expand internationally.

Betty Ann, along with Bob, believes that happiness is a choice, and that wealth and success are 80 percent mindset and 20 percent mechanics. Through attending events, business networking and elite social gatherings, they empower people to forge lasting bonds and friendships, enrich others’ lives, share business ideas and support philanthropic causes.

Raised in a loving family, the continuing love story began when Betty Ann was 13 years old and Bob was 15 years old. “When we met, we couldn’t stop staring at each other but it would be another year before I saw Bob again. It was through my brother’s wedding as a bridesmaid when I was able to connect with him again as an usher in his wedding. We dated for two years, got married and started a family right away,” she said.

Still, Betty Ann advises women to “love themselves first. My mother was very instrumental to how I learned to look at life. Mom loved us to a fault that she didn’t think about herself when we were growing up. This taught me through observation and living my own life that to truly love someone you first must love yourself.” She understands that women question how to love themselves when they want to take care of other people as well. “This is not being selfish but realizing that I am just as worthy to receive love for myself.”

Reading and following masters such as Neville Goddard, Ester Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Maya Angelo and many more; Betty Ann expanded in all areas of her life.

Her philosophy is both simple and profound. “I love my life. If you love what you are then you are going to love your life.”

Betty Ann has been encouraged by many authors to put her experiences down on paper, so she is currently writing a book where she is incorporating acronyms that she has created. She develops acronyms of words that actually explains the meaning of the word and has relevance to her life experiences. Her book will also be around her lessons of life to help others become their genuine self in order to experience the amazing relationships that surround them. Her goal is to inspire others as she lives the life she loves so they can do the same.

Golden Nuggets
By Betty Ann and Bob Golden

The CURE—Communicate, Understand, and Respect Everyone / everyday

When asked about the secret to our long and happy marriage, we tell people it’s all about communication. We appreciate, love and respect each other even more now than we did when we first got married because we have expanded our awareness through personal growth. Communicate genuinely so you can understand and respect each other. This is the formula for any successful relationship, whether it’s family or business.

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