The creation and evolution of Devotion Vodka begin in the nightclub industry envisioned by Drew Adelman.

Now the CEO and founder of Devotion Vodka, he explained that many years ago, he involved with Polyester’s, one of the largest chains of nightclubs in the country. Adelman was also part of another group operating seven nightclubs and restaurants. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, he would crunch the numbers. He realized the millions of dollars spent on importing spirits including vodka.

“I actually thought that someone should come out with an American vodka,” Adelman stated. “I was also a fitness fanatic and I wanted to create cocktails that were healthier.”

Devotion Vodka was developed as the original sugar-free, gluten-free vodka distilled six times using the purest of water through an extra deionizing process. Devotion Vodka is sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

But to become successful is more than just developing a product, even the first of its kind. Adelman spoke with others who also launched a new spirit but left the industry. He listened to the mistakes and missteps made by others so that he could avoid those same pitfalls. Adelman then reached out to others who were thriving in the business of spirits so he could get advice and recommendations. He also partnered with Michael Lopez-Calleja who worked in the spirits industry (Skyy Vodka) and with their combined expertise created Devotion Vodka.

“I also like to say it takes the right ingredients to make an incredible cake,” Adelman laughed. “Our strengths combined make an incredible vodka.”

Using 100 percent corn, it is 80 proof vodka with flavors including blackberry and blueberry, coconut, blood orange, wild cherry, Cosmo, tiki tea and original (known as Pure). Devotion Vodka is the only vodka allowed to put gluten-free, no sugar added and no allergen on its label with a heart on its label.

Along with wining numerous awards, Devotion Vodka is now placed in movies and television programs with recognition and branding. “We are a hard working team and growing each day,” he said. Recently, Devotion Vodka was named Gluten Free Vodka of the year for 2016 from the New York Tasting Panel.

A New Jersey boy, Adelman is the youngest of eight with six older sisters. “They are all strong, powerful women and love Devotion Vodka and Las Vegas Woman magazine.” Devotion Vodka is also always part of the magazine’s cover parties. To find retailers, visit