Dr. Michael S. Mall is excited to be focusing on age management and optimization of health as well as continuing other areas of his practice.

“I want to move patients from managing a disease model to a model of maintaining good health,” he explained.

The doctor and his staff are very passionate about the concierge primary care medical practice and cosmetic New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. People respond to his ability to treat the entire person with his special gift to be empathetic and compassionate and a sense of objectivity to evaluate them. As part of Dr. Mall’s commitment, new procedures and techniques are researched and incorporated into the practice.

“When I first started, patients came to me because they were sick and had medical problems. In the last five years, people joining the practice want to become healthier, lose weight, get off medications and consider using hormone replacement,” Dr. Mall stated.

One cutting-edge procedure the doctor has incorporated is umbilical stem cell therapy. It is an effective complementary tool for treating autoimmune disorders including autoimmune arthritis. According to Dr. Mall, using stem cells has been taken to a whole new level for other uses.

Dr. Mall is so confident in the procedure; he has used it on himself, his mother and uncle. Dr. Mall had both hips replaced last year and his mother had her hips and knees replaced. When Dr. Mall realized his knees and shoulders were becoming bone-on-bone, he used stem cell therapy and is feeling awesome after a four month period. “It is truly the treatment to use for age management.”

Stem cells are, as Dr. Mall explained, zero years old. Anyone can use a stem cell (no matching is required), there is no down time and it is a FDA-approved product. While there are no guarantees, there are over 200,000 studies on stem cells and 20,000 studies on umbilical stem cells.

Another area Dr. Mall is focusing on is vaginal and pelvic health. “We should not be embarrassed to discuss this, especially with new procedures. As women age, they can experience vaginal dryness, urinary leakage, less flexibility and rectal infections. It is not discussed except to prescribe medication,” he said. Aging also affects sexual intimacy, which is very important to marriages and general health. Vaginal rejuvenation lasers can treat and improve vaginal health without surgery. O-Shots can also treat the clitoris and G-Spot to increase a woman’s orgasm. Dr. Mall takes the practice of women’s health very seriously and wants his patients to be comfortable discussing their concerns while treating them.

Dr. Mall and his staff really care about patients who are part of his concierge primary care medical practice or clients who come to New Image. Good health care is an important asset as well as being an important part in a person’s quality of life. Dr. Mall is proud to be at the forefront of this medical trend and make a difference in people’s lives.

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