By Rev. Thabiti

If what everyone is being told in mainstream media and social media is true, then it must be safe to conclude that at least 50 percent of the population is miserable. Why are people miserable? It is because The Truth (that is always revealing itself) is not what they want the truth to be. This outcome of feeling miserable is because many fail to realize that The Truth does not exist to conform to us, we are here to conform to it. It does not matter what we want or how we feel about it. It does not seek nor does it need our approval or permission to be what is and to operate as it does.

The Absolute Truth is Misery Loves Company. Misery never wants to suffer alone. This means that the objective of those who are miserable is to make others miserable too. Don’t fall for this trap!

Notice the way of the world, then rise above it. You have no time to get sucked into the toxic vortex that miserable people are drowning in. Think of time as money and you have none to waste.

Our life itself is not only our greatest teacher but is also an innocent mirror reflecting our attitude, perception and belief. This is why ANYONE with a bad attitude is GUARANTEED to be miserable.

We cannot control everything but we can control our response to anything. How we respond to the things that happen in life reveals the truth about us. It exposes our level of spiritual maturity. Always remember, the baby always cries, kicks and screams when they don’t get their way. Another way to explain our relationship to Life is that we are the children of Mother Nature. Whenever a baby gets dirty, the mother will put the baby in the tub and wash the baby. Now the baby may object but the mother with the highest degree of love continues to wash the baby anyway. She knows the baby does not understand the potential harm of germs and bacteria and being washed is good for the baby.

This is what is happening whenever we see people crying, kicking and screaming. This means that Mother Nature has them in the bathtub and knowing all along that the baby is not smart enough to understand that Life does not go anybody’s way. Life goes its own way and we must make our way that of the way of Life. Being at odds with what IS causes stress. Agony happens when we are trying to squeeze the vastness of life into our limited and narrow perception of what it is.

The ultimate lesson leading to the most precious wisdom in life is when we finally learn to love what we get, then and only then. will we always get what we love.


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