By Rev Tabithi

Simply stated, our life on this very day is a gift to be enjoyed to the fullest and not some silly problem needing to be solved. The gift of today comes loaded with infinite possibilities and endless opportunities. There’s not enough time to meet all of the awesome people or go all of the great places or do all of the fun things.

Yet, with all that we have already been given (which is clearly and evidently too abundant) many or most of us are still trapped like prisoners inside of a false, erroneous or illusionary sense of scarcity and lack and this keeps us wanting to get this or needing to get that. Once we shift from trying to get (as if we lack something) into simply receiving with open arms all that we have already been given, then and only then, will we ever get what it absolutely means to be alive.

We are alive during the greatest time in human history. We are doing things that far exceed the imagination of our most brilliant ancestors. Our homeless people eat better today than the Kings and Queens of yesterday.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is your gift and that is why it is called The Present.

Right now we have another chance to improve our attitude. Life itself is a perfect mirror reflecting our attitude, perception and belief. This is why ANYONE with a bad attitude is guaranteed to be miserable.

The gift of today means we can choose to be pulled by a vision instead of pushed by circumstances. Circumstances don’t rule or force us, we create circumstances.
Right now we choose to release and let go of all fear, anger, worry and guilt. We can even forgive the unforgivable people we may have encountered along the way. We can manage better the quality of our life’s experience the more we realize that we cannot control everything but we can control our response or reaction to anything. How we respond (response-ability) to anything that happens in life is our responsibility and at the same time our response reveals the absolute truth about our level of spiritual maturity.

Blaming and excuses is the recipe that losers use to fail. Persistence and determination is what comes from winners.

What is blocking any one of us from seeing the miracles that are happening everywhere is doubt. Once the doubt is removed …WATCH OUT! Expect to experience more good and more delight than you could have ever imagined.
Today we reclaim our power to be glorious, grateful, beautiful, loving and magnificent. We allow our light to shine bright into this world with our hearts and our minds wide open to being receptive to the truth that is always revealing itself to us, through us and as us. Individuals who have a problem with this are angry simply because the truth is not being what they want it to be.

The truth goes it own way and does not seek our approval or permission to operate the way it does. The truth comes into our life to liberate us and unshackle us from being prisoners of erroneous beliefs that have taken us hostage and thus limits and obstructs our ability to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the magnificent gift that life truly is. Right here and right now—all is well and life is good.


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