Wouldn’t you love to look good, feel good and do good every moment of your life? Janice-Marie Wilson and Yvonne Rodriguez have made it their mission to enjoy life, discovering new favorites that will do just that. Their YouTube show, “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good,” inspires women to look their best, feel extraordinary and do all the things that make life sparkle.

Janice-Marie and Yvonne believe that everyone has the ability to look, feel and do good. But sometimes women forget. The everyday stresses of life can make women unhappy, listless and lethargic. This show is an upbeat reminder to take a breath, have some fun and learn something new. It brings Janice-Marie and Yvonne’s latest, greatest discoveries and their real-life experiences. They share the latest trends in fashion, makeup, beauty secrets, food, libations, health tips, recipes, trendy places and whatever entertaining antics bring delight.

We’re two women who want to share our love, sparkle and belief in unicorns.

– Janice-Marie Wilson and Yvonne Rodriguez

Janice-Marie and Yvonne are bold, courageous women who believe that happiness and good health are key ingredients to having a great life. Their motto is that “success is measured by the amount of joy you feel.”
Janice-Marie is an image-consultant, travel editor for Jetsetters magazine, talk show host, author of three books, fashion show producer, fundraiser, creative director, manager of a designer fashion boutique, keynote speaker, former IBM executive, mother, wife, entrepreneur and forever friend. She has a master’s degree in art from Northwestern University and posts a blog at janicemariewilson.com.

Yvonne has owned and operated numerous women’s fashion boutiques including the flagship store PINK the Boutique in Boca Park. Her latest endeavor is the fashion subscription box, MIXTBOX.com, delivering boutique clothing and accessories to a person’s home. Yvonne has a master’s degree in public health with a focus in nutrition. She is an image consultant, trendsetter, photographer, entrepreneur, creative director, wife, mother and true friend.

David Rodriguez, who is the recipient of three Emmy Awards, produces their YouTube show. He is a musician, songwriter, creative director and visual artist. He has worked for Warner Bros. Studios for the past 20 years in marketing and promotions. He is a loving husband, father and a great guy as well.

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