The holidays are here and then it will be a New Year. Las Vegas Woman magazine continues to educate, entertain and inspire with new ideas.

Our cover story, Betty Ann Golden, is such an inspiration. When I was interviewing her, I was just amazed. Betty Ann is remarkable as a business savvy woman with a big heart. She loves life and demonstrates an example I personally want to follow. Read her story on Page 52 to embrace this dynamic woman.

With a Happy New You, personal transformation can be achieved for 2018. Lynsey K. Freeman gives great advices on Page 25 as well as Tonya Twitchell on Page 64. Dr. Tiger Devore explores the dynamics of men in power and how women should handle this situation on Page 51. For a fashion and beauty makeover, check out Trending on Page 40, Trendsetters on Page 43, Eccoci on Page 39 and Nordic Beach on Page 47. All are guaranteed to give great ideas to ramp up one’s personal appearance. For those in business, digital marketing (Page 89) and video marketing (Page 75) are two big trends to implement. We appreciate our volunteers including New Vista (Page 67) and Why Ranch (Page 18).

This season is a joyous time and our holiday calendar of events on Page 14 lists some of the fun events happening. Shopping? The gift guide on Page 34 is certain to give some great ideas on buying that special gift. Entertaining? Our wines and dines starting on Page 28 offers fun recipes and great restaurants. Want to see a show? Two amazing women break barriers in a circus on Page 17 and Mat Franco continues to entertain Las Vegas audiences on Page 96.

The coming year will truly be amazing as the Las Vegas Woman magazine family continues to evolve. We remain #VegasStrong.

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