What a beautiful time of year to be living in Southern Nevada. As I drive around our community, I am always in awe of our majestic mountains that surround the valley and the flowers that bloom this time of year.

I am always amazed by the professionals who call Las Vegas home. Our Dentists of the Desert are offering cutting-edge technology and new procedures. Whether a basic cleaning or extensive treatment, our dentists are true heroes who help patients achieve and maintain good dental health. The School of Dental Medicine at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is part of that development. Under the guidance and leadership of Karen P. West, DMD, one in six prospective dental students apply to the School of Dental Medicine.

People to Watch also inspire and educate with inspiring stories of building success and giving back to the community. So many professions are represented showcasing the best that Las Vegas can offer.

One of those inspiring couples is Seth and Tammy Grabel (with Grace) who are enjoying the fruits of their labor in Hawaii. While Seth performs and Tammy operates the magazine, they are surrounded by beauty and serenity. However, I look forward to seeing them at our Spring Cover Party at the new Enclave. We are one of the first to hold an event in this gorgeous venue and we are excited to debut the latest issue.

With the spring, there are great wines to try, yummy cocktails to create and a chance to dine al fresco at some wonderful restaurants. Trending features must-have products and fun shows are debuting in the spring. Art shines in our community and there are so many ways to give back. Fashions for the season are light with bursts of color to embrace the season.

As always, I thank everyone for making Las Vegas Woman magazine a way to educate, entertain and inspire with all of the wonderful women (and men) in Southern Nevada. Here is to the promise of spring.

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