Victoria Casicola, a sought after, globally recognized hair stylist who travels around the world, spoke with Las Vegas Woman magazine at one of her favorite restaurants, The Kitchen Table.

Las Vegas Woman: What made you seek the cosmetology industry?
Victoria Casicola: I truly was born into the industry. Many of my family members worked in the industry. At the age of 10 my parents transformed my room into a salon, and told me if I was going to do hair in the house, then my room would be my salon. At 17 I graduated with a diploma and cosmetology license. As soon as I received my license, I started doing hair and after working in a couple different salons, realizing being paid commission was not for me, I landed at Hot Box, and 10 years later, I am still here.

LVW: It sounds like you love your profession.
VC: I have drive, passion and I love what I do. Every day, no matter how I feel, I have the ability to make another person happy with my talents. Flawless hair is one of the best accessories.

LVW: How did you end up educating with Hotheads Extensions?
VC: I have always loved extensions. At school I worked with the most amazing women who taught me how to braid and do extensions. I signed up for educator class but I only wanted to learn more. I was asked to become an educator but I was shy then so I said no.

I was asked to come to the Las Vegas show by a rep. I did and she put the microphone on me, forced me on stage and I had no choice. I had to teach. I hated her for that. After doing several shows, they started to pay me. But I also fell in love with teaching I thought, this company is phenomenal and as the company grew, I grew with it. Now, not only am I involved in product development, but also get to create new colors, new trends and produce the production for the shoots. I’ve been with them for almost 10 years now and I love what I do.

LVW: Are you involved in philanthropy?
VC: It is so important to give back; giving back is the right thing to do. A few of the charities I am involved are Friends Are By Your Side, Wigs for Kids and Convoy of Hope. We work with less fortunate kids and do haircuts all day at no charge to them or their families. I feel you can’t receive without giving.

LVW: Let’s talk about your experience in a reality show.
VC: That was one of the most amazing times of my life as well as the most horrific time of my life. I was on Season 17 of “The Amazing Race” in 2010. The producers wanted a couple from Las Vegas with tattoos and drama. They sent us to Los Angeles for a week, kept us in seclusion, tested us, grilled us, gave us lie detector tests and finally shipped us out to the first location.

We got to see half the world in 32 days. It allowed me to grow as a person, but after the show, I had so much resentment towards my boyfriend that I could have killed him. It was raw, everything we did and said was real TV and not edited.

When the show aired we split for eight months or so, did some self-discovery and got back together and now are married almost two years.

LVW: Who has inspired you?
VC: My parents. Although their journey has not been the easiest, they have continued to inspire me on two different levels; both being so different and I see things through their eyes.

In my professional career, it would be Jen Atkins. She took her career to the next level and created a university, Mane Addicts. She is brilliant, young and hungry; I would love to follow that path. My goal this year is to attend Mane Addicts University.

LVW: What keeps you inspired?
VC: As an educator for Hotheads I travel the world, finding inspiration from other educators and artists. While listening to other artist’s stories, I hear the passion in their voice and it continues to inspire me. Creating, teaching, giving back makes me happy and continues my growth. My goal this year is to attend Sassoon academy and absorb as many continuing education classes as possible to extend my growth.

LVW: Describe yourself in three words.
VC: Dedicated, Determined, Disciplined. I owe this to my parents. They taught me how to be organized and stay on track. In this industry if you are going to exceed you have to have these qualities, it’s so important!

LVW: What words would you share with the up-and-coming artists?
VC: This is really important as an artist; I think being a well-rounded stylist makes you the best stylist. Tap into extensions, color and styling. I stay current because I’m involved in several different things. Never ever stop learning because when you do, that fire inside you, that passion dies, and why would a client want to come to a person who’s passion is gone? Most importantly, in an age where social media dominates, learn to be in the moment and put your phone away. Be present.

LVW: What do you do for fun?
VC: I’m very athletic—snowboarding, hiking, yoga, drinking, eating—that’s why Las Vegas is so great and so many good places to do all the above. When I am not managing my global clients and traveling, my motivation translates into my active lifestyle.

Andeen Rose-Clark is a celebrity hairstylist, as well as the owner/operator of ADD Hair & Make Up. Her credits have been seen on television, in national publications and featured on red carpets around the world. Her goal is to create the ultimate beauty experience, and with her exceptional skills, she can make any vision or dream possible.