Dr. Andrew M. Cash is a board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeon who founded the Desert Institute of Spine Care and Minimally Invasive Center of Excellence. Dr. Cash was recently awarded 2017 Man of the Year by DLXVRSN. He was the most requested nominee by previous honorees and was honored as a community leader who excels in talent, taste, fashion and finer living.

As for being acknowledged, Dr. Cash stated that it is “a humbling honor to receive this inaugural distinction from Tim Hancock and DLXVRSN, whom I thank along with all of the contributing colleagues who nominated me for this prestigious award. I would like to thank my amazing staff, which works diligently to provide amazing patient care and customer service, allowing me to succeed professionally and personally.”

Dr. Cash chose spine surgery because he found it to be the most gratifying of all the medical specialties. “I felt that my hard work, diligence and desire to help people would be best utilized in a challenging field where patients suffered from intractable neck and back pain. Patients have a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness when debilitated by chronic severe neck and back pain. I feel like relieving these patients of their insufferable conditions has been the most rewarding calling for me.”
Desert Institute of Spine Care offers evaluations and a review of all diagnostic testing to make diagnoses and appropriate recommendations. A conservative approach is taken which involves physical therapists and chiropractors to obtain optimal results without surgical procedures when possible, which is approximately 95 percent of patients. Ultimately, some patients might require surgical intervention and Dr. Cash performs the most minimally invasive and state-of-the-art surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes.

He also trains neurosurgeons and spine surgeons how to perform these surgical techniques safely, properly and efficiently. Minimally invasive surgery offers benefits like less bleeding (no transfusions), smaller scars, less infections, no hospital stay, less complications, less time in surgery and less tissue damage. Rehabilitation is more successful because of muscle preservation, strength and less tissue scarring.

The Minimally Invasive Center of Excellence is a local surgery center dedicated to the most cutting-edge minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes for all divisions of orthopedics, spine surgery and pain management.

Sacroiliac disorders are becoming increasingly identified as more of a women’s health issue. The most exciting spinal innovation has been the treatment of the sacroiliac joint, a relatively unknown and underdiagnosed cause of lower back pain. One group of people with a high incidence of pain is women who have undergone natural childbirth, especially on multiple occasions. The SI ligaments stretch out, become lax and unstable, causing significant pain. A recent technological advance has dramatically reduced pain from a level of 8 (with 10 being highest level of pain) to 2-3 level of pain (out of 10), making work, recreation and daily activities possible, and even enjoyable, again.

In 2017, he plans to provide additional services in urology, general surgery and head and neck surgery. Dr. Cash is in the process of funding a Named Scholarship at the University of Nevada, School of Medicine. He is also planning a medical mission to the Philippines in 2018.

“My professional life, energy and enjoyment have revolved around improving the lives of patients in the Las Vegas community,” he stated. “I plan to continue my tradition of service, dedication and gratitude to the patients whom I have had the good fortune of meeting and treating.”

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