For Dr. Eva Liang, improving eyesight for Southern Nevadans drives her work at Center For Sight, a leading eye care practice with multiple offices in the area.

“Witnessing the transformation in someone’s life and seeing the enjoyment and confidence people get from being able to improve their vision is extremely satisfying,” said Dr. Liang.

Dr. Liang serves Las Vegas as a board-certified ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon. Center For Sight, her ophthalmic practice, specializes in advanced laser refractive cataract surgery, LASIK, i-Stent glaucoma surgery and, most recently, Symfony Lens.

Center For Sight brings the best technology advancements in eye care and Symfony Lens is a laser-assisted cataract surgery with an implant for improving depth of focus. This surgery allows for better eyesight for distance, computer-distance and close-up. The procedure was approved in late 2016 and Dr. Liang immediately offered it to her patients. In fact, one of her first patients was Xantippe Gann, wife of staff member T.C. Gann who is a biomedical manager and certified ophthalmic technician.

“I have always had to have corrective lenses since I was a child,” Xantippe said. “But I was told when I came for a checkup that my cataracts had gotten much worse. I had to keep glasses everywhere and my husband had to drive me at night. I was unable to read anything and I needed help from my co-workers and family.”

Dr. Liang explains to all patients the first step of the process, dilation, in addition to what to expect with the laser. “The laser process was actually very cool, a kaleidoscope of color,” Xantippe stated. After the surgery to remove the cataract and implant the Symfony Lens was completed, Xantippe could see Dr. Liang’s eyes above her mask, something impossible for her before surgery.

Following surgery, Xantippe discovered, “I was reading the eye charts and realized that I could read lines I never could before, tears started flowing. I can’t even begin to express my gratefulness to my husband, and Dr. Liang. There are not enough words to describe my emotions about this life-altering event. This is all truly amazing.”

As Xantippe was taken to recovery, she realized she could see the exit sign across the room. As she and her husband walked to the car she started to get emotional. “I have never been able to see this well and clear before.”

Xantippe didn’t realize how much she had to depend on others before her surgery at her work as the recreation services manager for the city of Henderson,. Now Xantippe is much more effective in her professional life and happier in her personal life.

“We talk to our patients about their needs and what they are hoping to achieve with cataract surgery,” Dr. Liang explained. “It is a very individual decision but this procedure has changed lives.”

Eva Liang, M.D.
Center for Sight

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