Throughout her life, Gigi Roundtree has always felt a connection with people. She was raised in a military family that always loved and respected one another. Roundtree always wanted to help and make a difference in her community. Her parents and sisters have inspired Roundtree by “making me the person I am today.”

Gigi Roundtree, Common TreeIn 2016, Roundtree realized she wanted to pursue a different passion and started Common Tree, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the disenfranchised and helping them make a new start in life, by providing resources. With the support of her family, Roundtree left her job as an operations manager and became the founder and president of Common Tree.

“I saw the beauty in our community, and it’s people and I considered what can I do to support them, rather than compete. Together, we can truly make a difference for those facing challenging circumstances, through fundraising, community outreach and overall awareness. We can continue to grow as a community that gives, cherishes and loves everyone who is in need. The more people willing to help our community grow into something beautiful, the stronger we can all be in becoming a deeply-rooted community,” she explained. “The organization raises funds to support their activities, raises the visibility of the need to support these members of the community with the general public, and coordinates efforts to deliver goods and services such as mentorship, school supplies, food, clothing and hygiene kits. At Common Tree, we strive to bring back the idea of a community purpose.”

Her family, including her son Elijah and daughter Brianna, has impacted her. “Along with my husband Will and my amazing board members, I know they will keep inspiring me to become an even better version of myself.” The family participates with Roundtree and they understand that life can present obstacles for anyone, including them.

Common Tree, which symbolizes roots in the community and connection with everyone, currently works to provide essential goods to the impoverished population of Las Vegas. The mission is that no one should have to be hungry or go without his or her most basic needs. The homeless population is an unfortunate rising statistic, and children are affected on a daily basis. Through its efforts, its goal is to support the less fortunate and raise awareness for the entire homeless population in our communities.

Common Tree has also adopted the students of Helen Marie Smith Elementary School supporting students’ needs and bringing smiles to their faces. “This is a small school located on the west side and I felt there was a strong need with mentorship by me,” she explained. Roundtree has big goals and is working towards accomplishing them.

According to Rountdree, “I gained humility and wisdom through my journey, and I will continue to make strides in my everyday life of helping others.”

Common Tree