With the standards of beauty being so high in Las Vegas, to match the rest of the shining lights, stylists from all over the world have come to be part of the glamour. French hair stylist Jean-Marc Levy and his fiancée Olga Demskaya both add to the Las Vegas experience. Their expertise, talent and heart influence their clients from around the world to come to them.

“I work about 10 hours a day, six days a week to take care of my clientele. My strategy is to stay busy but Olga has brought a balance to my work,” said Levy. Before teaming with Demskaya, Levy was the director at Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa and explained that those were “some of the best years of my life.”

Jean-Marc Levy
Advanced Aesthetics Salon
The team Levy and Demskaya have created focus on the beauty of hair as well as a relationship of trust with their clients. They have worked with politicians and celebrities such as Eva Longoria. When Chelsea Clinton traveled to Las Vegas for the last presidential debate in 2016, they were selected to be her hair stylist. Still, they both remain humble and appreciative of following their dreams when moving to the United States.

Both Levy and Demskaya were athletes before taking on the beauty industry. Levy is a French baseball player and Demskaya competed in gymnastics in the Olympics.

“Gymnastics is an expression of beauty and I wanted to be involved in another part of art, which turned out to be doing hair,” said Demskaya.

As for Levy, the challenge he has explaining to people he is a French hairstylist who also plays baseball is that “I’m probably the only one with this combination and the reactions are always humorous.”

While both hair stylists are in constant demand with their clientele; time is still made to travel and enjoy activities in Las Vegas. Levy is still involved with baseball, playing for French Connection team while Demskaya has done performances as a freelance gymnast. The two are involved in the community through their work with charities and giving back in other ways.

Both travel to Europe to see the trends, which they suggest to their clients when they return. “The trust is what is important between the stylist and the client,” said Levy.

“Being a stylist is like being a therapist; the client talks to you about all their problems, you can feel their energy. We want to give something to them,” added Demskaya.

Their passion for beauty goes beyond hair as explained that the simplicity a woman brings with confidence is what shines through the outside.

Jean-Marc Levy
Advanced Aesthetics Salon

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