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McKenzie Chambers was lucky enough to grow up with an incredible role model, mentor and someone who inspires her. Her mother, Kimberlie Chambers, is the founder and executive producer of DK Productions, Inc, Nevada’s premier film and video production company established in 1990 with partner and film director Dimitri Sotirakis. McKenzie is now part of that incredible venture.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, she graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. According to McKenzie, she remembers being on set with her mother when she was just 2 years old and was part of the business growing up. Whether it was picking the extras, selecting the best take from raw footage, or even acting in some of the commercials, she has fond memories of helping her mother. This is what makes her future with DK so intimate and exciting.

“This comes so natural to me,” she said. “Growing up around the production business definitely made me have a passion for this work.” Even at a young age, McKenzie has worked as an assistant to a doctor, held positions at UNLV and coached gymnastics and cheerleading in Texas. “I wanted to return to the company because I am one of the partners, and I take pride in that and want to continue to see DK grow.”
While she began her education as a journalism major, McKenzie decided to expand her knowledge base in a new area. Working multiple jobs gave McKenzie the stability, experience and a strong work ethic.

Today, McKenzie is the production assistant, which means she has a variety of responsibilities. She works with preproduction in different television shows and commercials, producing projects, writing scripts, voiceovers, working with the cast and crew, budgeting, as well as handling aspects of financial responsibilities.

As a millennial, McKenzie can share her point of view with the range of generations that DK has to offer. This helps the company to continue to transform, grow and reach clients and audiences on all levels. Some of McKenzie’s many strengths that she brings to DK include her passion for creative writing and combining her musical knowledge with artistic visuals.

“We recently shot for Warner Bros., ABC [network], A&E [network] and Amazon. My ultimate goal is to continue to work with big companies like this and make our company grow even bigger,” she explained. “It’s fun to watch DK grow in new ways and I look forward to helping them get there.”

McKenzie is looking forward to working with local charities like Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Helping Hands and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission to get the word out. “I want to let the people of Las Vegas know that there are so many great charities helping the less fortunate and I take great pride in helping them. I am so proud to be a part of this.”

She loves working with her mother and considers her a friend as well as a mentor. Like any successful family business, McKenzie is training and working in all aspects of the production company so she can be educated in every department and produce DK’s content from inception to completion.

DK Productions is rapidly becoming the go-to company for movies and the ever-changing landscape of Internet marketing. With the goal of constantly remaining on the forefront of advertising, DK produces Internet video content including corporate identities, capabilities, customer testimonials and branding. From memorial videos to IPO presentations, DK does it all, including the latest trends such as hologram production and aerial drone photography.

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