Never give up on your dreams. There is a time for everything and we must enjoy and learn from every stage in our life.” – Mericia Achaval

When Mericia’s husband, Alberto Achaval, gave her a camera as a Christmas present nearly 20 years ago, it changed her life forever. Mericia has always loved nature and tried to capture its beauty through painting and drawing. While art gave her joy, it never really fulfilled her soul. But when she started to take landscape photography with her new camera, she knew she had found her calling.

“It became my true passion,” she explained. “I forget about the world when I am taking pictures. It is just an amazing connection in that moment between nature, God and myself.” What started as a hobby later would became her full-time career.

“I was a stay-at-home mom raising my three beautiful kids, while at the same time I was helping my husband in the beginning of his career as a chiropractor, putting aside my own dreams for a little bit. Now I’m enjoying this amazing stage in my life as a landscape photographer and author, which is my calling and passion,” she said.

Mericia is an entirely self-taught landscape photographer with her 7D Canon as her constant companion. She exhibits her work in many art galleries nationally and locally at Got Art Gallery at Planet Hollywood.

Mericia loves her work and is always traveling in search of new landscapes to take amazing pictures and new challenges. She is sharing her newest stage as an author of her new book, “God’s Reflections Photography,” which took her four years to accomplish. It is a collection of stunning photographs paired with Bible scriptures for the whole family to enjoy, especially the youth, to find solace and comfort during difficult times.

“God’s Reflections Photography” is a milestone in her career, a limited edition hardcover coffee table book with a silk ribbon bookmark to be proudly displayed on any coffee table, and it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. “God’s Reflections Photography” allows the reader to relax and travel through the magnificent landscapes as well as meditate on the scriptures by the photographs. This beautiful book was just released and is available at Barnes and Noble and

Her husband Alberto and children—Vianett, Dorian, and Cassandra—are her greatest support and the biggest fans of her work. “They are my motivation to try to be a better person every single day in my life.”

While she has accomplished this in 2017 and (looking forward to the future), “I want to inspire people to follow their true calling in life, it won’t be for money or to please someone else, but something deep inside that gives joy doing which is true success. I want people to experience my work, feel inspired and lifted and remember everything is possible with God, and that happiness is not a destination but the journey of life.”

God’s Reflections Photography by Mericia Achaval