Rosemarie Macklin has always felt that confidence played a huge role in her fashion style. The idea behind her beach cover-up brand Si Mee Collections (pronounced See Me) is that confidence and clothes go hand in hand. She understands that each day, women wear clothes that do more than just cover up their bodies. Women choose clothes that represent their personalities, mood, level of attraction sought, ambitions and desires.

Si Mee Collections is a collaboration of unique and exquisite fabrics that are purchased worldwide. Rosemarie prides herself in finding the highest quality fabrics that she molds into couture beach cover-ups. These are made to accentuate the natural feminine qualities of women. Rosemarie wants all women to be represented in her collection no matter their dress size. As a result, she worked very hard to incorporate functional design elements into the cover-ups so that they are one size fits all from a size 4 to a size 20. Si Mee Collections has 14 different designs to highlight and emphasize different parts of the body.

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Jamaican-born Rosemarie spent her early years surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean, being inspired by its natural beauty of vibrant colors. In her late childhood, her family emigrated from Jamaica to England where she studied European history and always having had an affinity for period pieces in fashion. She attended many fashion shows as a young adult, encouraged by her aunt who was a successful model. Her aunt was instrumental in immersing her into the world of fashion and design. Attending fashion events throughout Europe, Rosemarie was always surrounded by beautiful women who would walk into a room and time would just stop because of their sheer presence and glamour. These memories would later become a part of her creative catalog as she designs statement pieces.

Travel and cultural trips have always been a passion for Rosemarie, and after many trips to the United States, she decided to make America her new home. This is where she met her husband, Dr. William Macklin. They both love to travel and have a preference for beach resorts. On one of their many vacations, she stayed at one of the island’s finest resorts where, in her opinion, many of the women seemed to be trapped in unflattering cover-ups that hid their bodies and mood.

“It bothered me to the extent that I wanted to create a beach cover-up line for women of all shapes and sizes. I want women to feel liberated and elevated in their spirits simply because they look fabulous in their cover-up.” It was in that moment the idea was sparked. Rosemarie would design a beach cover-up line that women would want to be seen in and Si Mee Collections was a reality.

Now a Las Vegas resident, Rosemarie continues to grow the Si Mee collection where fabulous women are encouraged to embrace fabulocity on a daily basis.

Rosemarie Macklin
Instagram: @si_mee_collections