When Jennifer Florendo planned on how to address home health care issues for her family in 2007, she never planned on making it her career. But life is fluid with changes and Jennifer is now the owner/operator of Hallmark Homecare franchise. The home health service agency searches for and recruits professional, independent caregivers and then places them on a direct-hire basis, which can save clients money.

What started her thinking about changing careers happened two years ago when Jennifer was helping her mother-in-law purchase a condo in Las Vegas. “It really opened my eyes what seniors have to go through later in life, especially if they don’t have family nearby. This was a new time in her life and I didn’t know where to go if she had additional needs.”

When Jennifer was diagnosed with Type I diabetes 10 years ago, she realized that she needed to plan her future differently. Jennifer knew that in time her parents and mother-in-law would get older and might need home health care. While she didn’t have any children at the time, she wanted to prepare and now is happily the mother of a daughter.

“I love to be creative and share compassion with people. Being in home care allows me to use all of my skills as well as care for people,” Jennifer explained. “There are so many people I would not have met had I not gone down this path. I feel so good that I can impact so many people’s lives in a good and uplifting way.”

Jennifer works closely with many assisted living and independent care living facilities as well as private families. She helps clients interview, select and hire independent caregivers. There are many benefits including the client can choose their health care professional, there is continuity since the caregiver works for the family and it stretches care dollars farther, often saving clients up to 50 percent on care costs. She can help provide caregivers nationally since Hallmark Homecare is nationwide.

“Today most people are living away from their families but we can still help them wherever they are,” she said.

“When someone needs home health care, it is not planned but a need that comes up almost immediately,” Jennifer explained. “But it is not always seniors. Many younger people need help due to accidents or illness. Children with disabilities will sometimes require help of a homecare worker. We can provide that as well.”

Las Vegas is her home and Jennifer gives back to the community. She volunteers with Home Health and Hospice. While it does not affect her personally, Jennifer is very passionate about her volunteer work with Friends of Parkinson’s organization. According to Jennifer, Parkinson’s affects about 30,000 people in Las Vegas and she wants to reach more people.

If the name seems familiar, Jennifer worked at Las Vegas Woman magazine at the Editor-in-Chief and still writes for the magazine. But her passion is home health care and providing the best service possible.

Jennifer Florendo
Hallmark Homecare

Twitter: HHC_LV