Growing up in Las Vegas surrounded by entertainment, glitz and glamour, Lisa Chastain embraced Southern Nevada. She greatly appreciates the culture and community beyond the Strip, and devotes her life to making an impact in the community by mentoring millennial women to secure wealth for self-sufficiency.

Women earning a great salary (with bonuses and commissions) might be able to manage their money, but they also know that they can create wealth. Lisa works with clients to pay down debt, create savings and invest for financial growth while transforming their lives.

Her family moved to Southern Nevada in the 1960s where her father worked on the Strip as a stagehand. Along with her siblings, Lisa graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2003 and worked as the Director of Advising for the Honors College at UNLV.

While Lisa loved what she was doing, she always strived to achieve more and decided to change careers. Lisa still wanted to help people, but in a different capacity.

In 2013, she began her journey as a financial advisor for a private firm while obtaining her licenses. After three years filled with ups and downs of getting her business off the ground, Lisa struggled to find her way in the financial industry. She knew she had the capacity to help people with their money, and loved doing it, but after having her own challenges (and even taking money out of her retirement account to float her business and life), she decided that she had to make a huge change. She hired a business coach and took a substantial risk to launch her own business. Her passion and commitment to create change paid off. Lisa was able make over six figures in 10 months by helping women create transformational results. She inspires young women with her honesty and vulnerability, as well story of success and empowerment. Her areas of expertise include personal finance and money mindset coaching, career development, leadership and business development.

“After working on my own relationship with money, it was really important to me to teach and share my knowledge with other women,” she said. “I was working with millionaires, but I wasn’t really satisfied. I wanted to make a difference for younger women,” Lisa explained.

Lisa has also written her first book, “Girl, Get Your $hit Together: Control Your Money, Live Purposefully, Love Your Life #adulting Your Way” due to be released on Amazon on Dec. 7. The book shares easy and nontraditional tips and secrets about how to shift from fear of not having enough money to feeling confident and capable about making important financial and life decisions.

She is also proud to be teaching financial literacy at the Hero School in Las Vegas and serves on the board for NAWBO of Southern Nevada. Lisa is Nevada Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneur Day celebrated on Nov. 19 globally and will be hosting a local event on Nov. 17.

Lisa continues to live her goal of empowering women with knowledge and guidance for managing money. She inspires other women to transform themselves, to get past the fear and understand that anyone can learn and then apply for wealth and financial stability.

Lisa Chastain
Millennial Consulting, LLC

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