Theresa Lange has a passion and heart for the healing arts with many professional clients reaching greater heights in their careers. Overcoming great odds and many circumstances against her at a very young age, she was able to achieve remarkable success with little support. Theresa found and then developed the hero inside herself making her the compassionate warrior she is today.

A self-made woman, Theresa keeps reinventing herself as her life changes. She understands the power that everyone has inside and how to help them use that personal power. Theresa works with people to excel in anything as they set their intentions.

“I meet people where they are at within themselves and I uncover the root of what stands in their way. The tools I teach bring extraordinary lasting results to my clients immediately,” she explained. When her clients have completed sessions with her, they have the knowledge and tools to utilize.

Theresa is especially proud to have worked with Las Vegas Woman magazine summer 2017 cover Jodi Friedman. When Jodi came to Theresa for career enhancement and direction, Theresa could guide her to her best course of action.

Jodi has been a mover and shaker for over 30 years but she wanted to achieve even greater presence and direction to embark in her healing practice that is going global. The tools Jodi was given through hypnosis led to even bigger success. In fact, Theresa is co-hosting the internet television show, “Intentional Healings” with Jodi on WCOBM. Both enjoy discussing topics in the healing arts community as well as exploring ways to help others.

As co-founder and thought leader for the charity organization, One World Healing, she is offering a global outreach to other healing centers to come together and heal their communities after tragedies. Healing services are offered to people in need, free of charge.

Theresa is currently working at several locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. She is grateful to owner Arevik M-yan of Salt Room LV, where Theresa performs Halo-hypnosis for financial success and balance, while patrons enjoy the anti-gravity chairs while breathing pharmaceutical-grade salt air inside a pink Himalayan salt cave. Theresa teaches a Loving Relationship Workshop utilizing her hypnosis techniques at Jacob’s Garden in Southern Highlands.

Theresa is ready to work with others on what possibilities are there and supports dreams coming true. She works with past life regression, smoking cessation, weight management, emotional healing and group hypnosis, to name a few of her services.

Theresa Lange
Consultation is free

To book a reservation at Salt Room LV located at 1958 Village Center Circle, call:

Theresa has partnered with Elizabeth Bahoora at Innovative Healing located at 7045 W. Ann Road for guided meditations and Reiki. To book an appointment, call:
702.463.4400 or 702.812.0178

Theresa has partnered with Linda Shore at Clinical Consulting Hypnotherapy located at 4045 Spencer Street. To book an appointment, call:

Licenses include:
Clinical Consulting Hypnotherapist
Massage Therapist 4289
Reiki Master
Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner
Theta Practitioner
Guided Meditation Facilitator