Last issue, we introduced a new feature, People to Watch, that instantly became a favorite with our readers. These are mentors, teachers and locals right in our community that fit a wide spectrum of demographics. From individuals at the bright start of their career to well-seasoned professionals, there was something for anyone reading to feel inspired. We’ve extended our People to Watch feature to this issue with more interesting locals to read about.

In my life, mentors have played a substantial role in the way I approach business. Katrina Bruce of Alternative Management was one of my first business mentors almost 15 years ago. From observing her, I learned many fundamentals on how to run a business professionally. Even though her business at the time was a small business with two employees, she treated it as if it were a big corporation. Not surprisingly, Alternative Management has grown tremendously since that time.

More recently, Ruth Lauber has become my incredible business mentor and has been with Las Vegas Woman magazine since our first issue several years ago. She serves as our publication’s vice president, and rightfully so. Her publishing experience spans four decades. More importantly, she is incredibly caring about our clients. Getting business done with Ruth is enjoyable with our magazine team and with clients. It has been an honor working side-by-side with her over the years.

Mentors are the backbone to success and can also be found in the loving guidance of a mother to an influential boss in a young persons life. When I feel like I need that extra boost of encouragement, an “on-demand mentor,” I find them through books and, of course, this magazine. We are very proud to continue our People to Watch feature and hope you will find countless inspiration through these stories and all the other feature stories in this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine.

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Tammy Grabel