By Rev. Thabiti

Is there something that makes you angry or upset whenever you think about it? Is there something in life that disappoints or depresses you? This happens because you are surrendering your power to things that have no power. It is only NOTHING trying to become SOMETHING that cannot be ANYTHING until you let it. You and only you must authorize as the highest authority in your life what can and cannot bother you.

You might say for example, “If that happens it won’t bother me, but if this happens I will be ticked!”

As human beings we are more powerful than we understand ourselves to be. This great power is and remains our birthright. Circumstances have no power over us. We create circumstances.
Your attention is the most powerful asset you have. For example, if you put your attention on the moon that is literally where your attention is and it got there faster than the speed of light. Better yet, you can bring the stars in the heavens to your attention whether it wants to be there or not.

Energy flows where the attention goes. Your life is the accumulative result of only the things that got your attention. Without your attention it really doesn’t matter. Arguably, things outside of your attention don’t even exist at that moment. Things cannot exist without being preceded in some way by the power of our attention/awareness.

Another consideration is when one says, “I will be furious if that check does not show up on time.” Now what do you think happens if that check gets delayed in the mail? This response/reaction is referred to as Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. In this case our reaction to things is a subconscious program of how we said we would react if this or that happens.

Only YOU can reprogram yourself and reclaim your power. A good place to start is to remind yourself that you are simply causing possibilities in this precious life with no attachment to outcome. This way you will begin to crush, eliminate and conquer in advance any possibility of future disappointments.

Happy Blessings

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