Important choices and responsibilities for protection

By Debbie Hall

According to statistics released by the FBI, violent crime has increased in 2016 with a 6.3 percent increase in urban areas such as Las Vegas. It can be a scary world, but there are precautions and training for women as well as decisions and responsibilities for personal protection.

Andeen Rose, owner/operator of ADD Hair & Make Up, recently obtained a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm at all times. Rose works with celebrities and big production shows which means she works all hours of the day and night.

“I felt I needed more protection,” she stated. “Sometimes at night, I walk in parking lots with no lights, and my husband also works odd hours, so I decided it was time to take this step to protect myself.”

While she took her training at another location she is organizing a class for woman through the 1 Lucky Gal Networking Group.

“I learned so much in my class. We discussed the ramifications of owning a gun and the fact that if you pull out your gun, you need to be prepared to shoot to kill, not just wound. But we were also trained to not be the aggressor; that pulling a gun is not the answer,” she explained.

There is also the reality that if anyone shoots someone else, they are held liable, and will be taken to jail while the case is investigated. The biggest takeaway for Rose was to keep a business card of a criminal defense attorney in a wallet, NOT stored in a device. The police will allow a business card to be retrieved but will not hand over a phone or other device.

While she has always had her own gun, it was her husband who maintained the firearms. After a few mishaps in class, Rose now maintains her own weapons because gun safety is imperative and the gun owner is solely responsible. As part of her upcoming class to be held at Discount Fire Arms, all aspects of gun ownership will be taught. For more information, visit

Stephanie Costello is the lead firearms instructor with Archangel Training Solutions in partnership with The Range 702 and state of Nevada certified carry concealed weapons instructor. According to Costello, “Women are the fastest growing segment in the industry for firearms. I believe there is an element of confidence to shoot and operate a gun safely and effectively.” She stated that with proper training and knowledge of the laws, women can be responsible gun owners while protecting themselves.

Costello urges all women to first take an introductory class, which will discuss different firearms, fundamentals of marksmanship, laws and responsibilities of gun ownership. After that class, women can make the best choices for themselves and The Range 702 also offers classes for women only.

Patti Stewart, Pearl Director for Damsels in Defense, offers products and services dedicated to equipping, empowering and educating women with self-defense tools. Stewart is an internationally certified self-defense instructor who emphasizes that “women need to always be aware of their surroundings. People are totally focused on their phones. The first thing I teach is that to be really be aware of everyone and everything and if there is something that doesn’t feel right, a woman’s intuition is always right.”

Always carry something when walking to a car, whether a pen, keys, stun gun or pepper spray, she advises. Even if one has a purse and grocery bags in one hand and surrounded by her children, still keep one hand free because if a woman is attacked, she will be pushed to the ground in four seconds.

While unfortunate that women must make precautions for safety, it is everyone’s responsibility and with the right training, can protect oneself and their family.