We have no greater commodity than our health. Trite? True. Without it, we can’t live to our potential. With it, we thrive.
SOUTH BEACH values the maintenance of our mental and physical health more than any living community in Las Vegas by making it easy for residents to get whatever they need, whenever they need it, so they may live their best healthy life.


Since self-care can be a challenge for folks who burn their work-play candle at both ends, SOUTH BEACH provides 24/7/365 access to some key things that will help you stay fit, grounded, and actively pursuing the pursuits that make you happy. We’ve assembled what we think is an on-site Health Dream Team…something that’s never been offered before in a luxury, garden-style residential community. From preventative medicine to treating what already ails you, our team is ready to help improve your well being while giving you the physical spaces to seek the peace you crave within our park-like campus.

Southbeach Las Vegas

At South Beach, “fit”natics will fall in love with our…

• One-year access to a telemedicine app that puts you in touch with a doctor via text, voice, or electronic video conferencing within two minutes of your question, concern or emergency. (These on-call docs can write and send scripts to any pharmacy in the country…so you can even vacation with ease, knowing your health is in your good, smartphone-holding hands.)

• On-site movement classes such as Pilates, dance, yoga led by some of Las Vegas’ leaders in their respective fields are taught within our state-of-the art gym facilities.

• Speaking of gym…our 5000 square-foot indoor gym is decked out with large-screen TVs and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the SOUTH BEACH Central Park, making it a beautiful space to get your sweat on. Machines include top-of-the-line TRX, free weights and benches; a punching bag, and bikes; and access to 10-20 weekly classes ranging from barre to spin to pole fitness (it is Vegas, after all…). (We also have an outdoor gym…just to keep things interesting.)

• Group games can easily be afoot with space for volleyball, soccer and basketball.
And when your whole-self wellness needs a little mindful TLC, SOUTH BEACH’S massage and on-site rooms for spa services—think facials, waxing and eyelash application)—our meditation garden, organic garden and countless oasis-like areas are available to be sat in and admired…maybe just before heading inside to our automated 24/7 restaurant that’s ready to refuel you no matter when your day ends.

Inside-out care. At SOUTH BEACH, we deeply believe in maximizing our residents’ time as they expand their health…all without leaving home.

Visit www.southbeachvegas.com for more information.