Focusing on work and business can sometimes seem impossible. When there is 24/7 access to videos, quizzes, Pinboards and online shopping, it can be hard to stay productive, meet deadlines and have the motivation to get back to work. Professionals can very easily get distracted, but it’s important to know when to hide those tabs and get back to the task at hand. Check out some quick tips to focus on productivity.

One of the main reasons people procrastinate is because they get overwhelmed by all of the projects that need to be completed. Sometimes, when there is such a large workload, the quality of the work can suffer. While multitasking is a great skill to have in life, it can also make people less productive. To maintain a great work product, it’s important to prioritise projects, limit multitasking and focus on one piece of work at a time.

When a project or task is completed, go ahead and take a quick five minute break. Walking away from the computer is a great way to keep office space for work and not play. Whether taking a walk or sitting in the conference room to check social media, it’s beneficial to overall productivity to keep work and play spaces separate.

Many professionals will underestimate how much time they will need to complete a project, so they end up procrastinating right up to the deadline. To stay productive when working on a project, take some time to diagram what really needs to be done. Planning and scheduling the day’s workload will help to stay on track and finish projects before the deadlines.

It might seem very difficult to do, but eliminating all of those unnecessary distractions will really maintain productivity. Put the phone on do not disturb, lock the office door or head to a quiet place, like a conference room or empty office space, to finish the project.

Knowing when to click out of extra windows and get back to work is no easy task. Distractions are bountiful, so it’s important to stay focused and complete the work to eliminate stress trying to meet deadlines, or worse, missing them due to procrastination. It takes time and practice, but with proper planning and discipline, anyone can stay productive in the digital age.