Over the last few years, digital platforms as well as the marketing process has changed tremendously. Social media combined with the capabilities that smart phones can engage in is changing businesses of all kinds. Many marketing gurus inform that an immense part of being successful is reaching a specific targeted audience and in a way that keeps them interested and engaged. One easy way to do so is with video marketing. Whether it be social media, live videos, YouTube videos, ads, television commercials, testimonials, website content or product videos, video content is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach preferred clientele.

For most people, time is very limited. Everyone has jobs, families, pets, cleaning and special occasions. Many people do not have time to sit down or read when looking for something specific. Videos are fast and one can get a point across within minutes or even seconds. Almost 60 percent of all videos published in the last year are less than two minutes long. Video marketing is a quick and efficient way to get a company’s story across.

Another important aspect of any type of marketing is relating to clients. When someone looks at a video, they automatically try to justify its content to something they can relate to and something they can trust. Videos are not only more memorable, but they are much more entertaining as well. When one sees a written testimonial, it doesn’t necessarily have the same effect as when it is seen visually. Video testimonials are more believable and trustworthy than that of the written word. It’s more intimate and communicates a much more emotional, meaningful message. Video marketing provides a relatable response for those who are watching and processing the content.

When looking at the statistical aspects of video marketing, it is a necessary commodity in today’s business world. Here are some stats:

  • 43 percent of people want to see more video content from marketers.
  • The presence of video alone affects the most important SEO ranking factor.
  • Almost 50 percent of internet users look for videos that relate to a service or product before visiting an office or store.
  • People spend more time on pages with video content.
  • 55 percent of people watch videos online everyday.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than non-video users.
Technology is changing how businesses communicate with their customers. Video marketing without a doubt is a part of this. Although not every video type may be suitable for a company, it is still an important and key tool in pushing a brand to the top. Video itself creates a stronger customer engagement, which is something all companies strive for. People are interacting with videos today more than ever before. It is a necessity to amp up video marketing content to connect with customers. So, to reach marketing goals and continue to accentuate a brand, give it maximum exposure with video content.
McKenzie Chambers is part owner, production assistant and social media maven for DK Productions, a full-service production company and award-winning producers of television shows, music videos, films and commercials.