As you think back on the past 12 months, what are you most proud of when you think of accomplishments and moments? What are the wins and discoveries that you can celebrate and acknowledge about yourself and in your life? How and when did you show up as the person and leader you most want to be remembered being? Where and when did you stumble or misstep?

As a champion of people and possibilities, I spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about the intersection of leadership and legacy in and across lives. For me, I believe that each of us is a leader and that each moment is a new chance for us to move closer to—or farther away—from the legacy we say we want to create in our lives.

As you look ahead to the coming year, I invite you to consider the following questions:

What are the words you most want people to use when describing who you are as a leader? Why are these words important to you? How are you already living these words in your life? As you think about areas for improvement in 2018, what is one specific skill, practice or habit that, if you learned or developed it (or perhaps, just did it more consistently), could make a significant impact on the results that you create? How does this skill, practice or habit align with who you want to be as a leader?

In terms of your legacy, what did you create in 2017? Was the legacy you created a legacy of design or a legacy of default? What, specifically, do you want your legacy to look like at the end of 2018? What will you need to do or prioritize differently in order to create this result?

Finally, what are the stories or failures you need to rewrite or retire? What expectations or missteps are you holding onto that, if released, could free up important energy and potential to create an entirely different result? Who are the people you most need to forgive or champion differently? What would it look like for you to become a true and committed champion of yourself?

In my life, I have learned that our legacy exists, lives and breathes in the moments and interactions of our lives. This year, be intentional and specific about the legacy you are creating. Allow you to be and become the highest and best version of yourself. Know that you will have failures, missteps and stumbles. These are part of our journey and the moments that follow can instantly become our best opportunities. Be gracious and forgiving toward yourself. Remember to champion and celebrate yourself and others along the way. I toast to your leadership and legacy!

Tonya Twitchell is a champion of people and possibilities. In her work with individuals, teams, and corporations, Tonya provides training, coaching, and public speaking around the intersection and importance of leadership and legacy in and across our lives. For more information, visit or