I have heard the saying that everyone loves to talk about himself or herself, but I find that is not necessarily true. People love to talk about their business, their families and other areas of their passion and focus. But many times people will say, “Oh I am not that important,” or “Why would anyone want to read about me?”

But it is important and people do want to read about the man or woman or team behind a successful business. It is a chance to reach out and create a bond, even if it is a profile. Readers love to read about people they can identify with and success stories so they can cheer.

With a well-written profile, it is a chance to reach potential customers and clients and let them know about the person behind the business. It is a great way to let the readers know about community service performed by the business, the families involved and why a person went into business. It gives details and descriptions of products and services as well as the skill and expertise of the person. A profile can present a well-rounded perspective of a business owner.

I encouraged profiles before social media and now it is more important than ever to reach out in print. With so much information being shared on timelines, it is easy to get lost. But with a profile, the reader’s attention is totally directed to learning and understanding about the person. It isn’t 140 characters or funny faces or goofy videos. It is almost a one-to-one conversation between the person being profiled and the reader.

There is no reason to be scared of having a profile written. This is not investigative reporting or a sting operation.

There is no reason to be scared of having a profile written. This is not investigative reporting or a sting operation. It is an opportunity to express ideals, philosophy and a commitment to operating a successful business that benefits everyone. The profile brings awareness to the owner, staff and clients, as well as community service and mentoring.
A profile can be explained as a portrait of a person in words. It will capture the character, spirit and style. It explains what motivates, excites and encourages someone. It will showcase the heart of the person and, ultimately, the business.

This is also a good way to give kudos to honors and awards given to the person or business, any college attended and special training obtained by the staff. Every life has a plot and turning point with surprising details. A business is not a sterile building but a life force started and operated by a businessman or businesswoman. A profile is one of the best ways to celebrate that person and the business created.

Ruth Lauber
RuthRuth Lauber is the vice president of sales and marketing for Las Vegas Woman magazine. She has over 40 years in the broad spectrum of newspaper and magazine sales, marketing, events and new electronic media with a number of publications. Lauber has been a part of the magazine since its inception.