By Dr. Michael Mall

Michael S. Mall, M.D. is the medical director of Michael S. Mall, MD | Medical Concierge and New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. Dr. Mall answers some common questions about health, but encourages those with concerns to seek professional help.

Q. I have lost weight, but I still have problem areas that don’t respond to exercise. I am especially distressed about my back flab and rolls. What can I do that doesn’t require surgery?

A. There are several non-surgical options for getting rid of stubborn fat that will not go away with proper eating and exercise, assuming no undiagnosed medical disease. There are lasers utilizing radio frequency heat to melt the fat away such as Cutera’s Trusculpt laser. This treatment also tightens the skin as well as melting the fat permanently. Mesotherapy, a well-known and proven treatment in Europe, uses injection of an enzyme combined with a local anesthetic into the upper layer of fat or cellulite to actually dissolve the fat cells permanently. Mesotherapy could be combined with Trusculpt to accelerate and overall improve the results.

Q. I have been checked out and am healthy, but what can I do to feel good and take care of myself?

A. This is a great question, as being checked out and deemed healthy does not necessarily make one feel good.

Optimizing your health to feel your best requires a physician that can spend time with you to really get to know you, properly test your nutritional health and hormonal health, and provide a comprehensive plan to optimize your health. This includes age management protocols, medicines if needed, vitamins, age management supplements and optimal hormone replacement if needed. A concierge medical physician is a great place to start but be sure that they focus on age management and hormone replacement versus a traditional medical model practice. An hour executive annual physical is a key component to optimizing your health and feeling the best that you can.

Q. I am getting older, but I don’t want a facelift. Still, I want to look as good as I can. What can I do to maintain my looks?

A. Everyone gets older, but we certainly do not have to get a facelift to look younger and refreshed. The skin loses collagen density as one ages making the appearance of loose, sagging skin with some wrinkles. Fillers such as Voluma, Vollure, and Juvederm can help replace the fat loss volume of aging to help look younger and refreshed. Botox, a proven entity with very little side effects if properly placed, can do wonders in relaxing muscles and making many fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Resurfacing lasers with minimal recovery time such as the accupulse micro fractionated CO2 laser with Deep FX and Total FX treatments can be used to tighten the skin and remove age spots, wrinkles and fine lines at the same time.

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