Bad Owl Coffee, a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop, features its specialty of nitrogen-infused cold coffee (nitrobrew) giving the coffee a sweet, malty taste without any added sugar.

Bad Owl CoffeeIndividualized hand poured coffee includes choices of Ethiopia, Swiss water decaf and organic Brazilian. The French press serves two muggles using coarser grinds and a longer brew time with higher water temperature creating a bold and rustic intense brew. Choices include single origin Ethiopia Sidamo, Swiss water decaf, and single origin Sumatra Mandheling. Kyoto is traditional Japanese iced coffee, brewed for over 16 hours and the barista’s choice is cold-brewed for over 12 hours.

The latte bar serves up lavender, Spanish, mint mojito, Biscoff, cookie butter, roasted almond, chestnut toffee and Nutella lattes. The espresso bar features coconut white mocha, lavender white mocha, blackberry white mocha, Americano, cappuccino, cortado (espresso cut with a shot of steamed milk) and affogato (espresso poured over vanilla ice cream).

Bad Owl Coffee
10575 S. Eastern Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052