Control Your Money, Live Purposefully, Love Your Life #adulting your way

By Lisa Chastain

Lisa Chastain owns and operates a full-time life coaching practice with focus on personal finance. She offers independent advice, mentoring and coaching with the aim of helping her clients create balanced success. In her first book, she shares easy and nontraditional tips and secrets about how to shift from fear of not having enough money to feeling confident and capable about making important financial and life decisions. In both her book as well as in person, Lisa inspires young women with her honesty and vulnerability, as well as her story of success and empowerment. Her areas of expertise include personal finance and money mindset coaching, career development, leadership and business development. Lisa makes use of the KISS system to teach women how they can know their money, invest wisely, save and make smart choices to attain their ideal lifestyle. Her goal is to continue to empower women with knowledge and guidance for managing money.

SUPERPOWERS ACTIVATED: Discovering the Magic

By Debbie Donaldson

Debbie Donaldson was first inspired to write in her journal. Transformed into a book, she discovered and describes 53 personal attributes and provides a weekly journal with thought-provoking ideas. This simple yet powerful guide maximizes the combination of skills, talents, knowledge, gifts, blessings and experiences that shape lives. She introduces each Superpower with its dictionary definition, thought-provoking questions and weekly journal pages to record thoughts and feelings about each Superpower. The last page in each chapter contains a description of how the Superpower manifests when activated. At the time she was writing the book, Donaldson was publisher of a successful business newspaper and website and volunteered for several agencies. She had overcome abuse as a child and became a single mother at age 25. While completing the book, she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer making this book resonate even more strongly as Donaldson shares with the reader.


By Megan Edwards

Journalist Copper Black has just found out that her boyfriend is responsible for his not-quite-ex-wife’s pregnancy. Looking for distractions, she researches a story about an exclusive private school and accidentally discovers the dead body of the school’s beloved founder. Now involved in a high-profile murder investigation, Copper turns to her brother, a civic-minded pastor who is overseeing the construction of a center for the homeless. An Indian medicine man claims the site is a sacred burial ground, attracting protesters. She tries to solve the murder, help her brother, advance her career and sort out her love life. There is also the personal issue of her parents’ divorce since her father has come out and admitted he is gay. This fiction novel is a nonstop roller coaster of a read, as the lead character navigates the murky waters of privilege, murder, intrigue and hidden secrets.