By Jennifer Battisti

Between the neon lights of the Strip and the 300 days of sun in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of brilliance in our city, but because of the harsh temperatures and dry climate, your skin might not feel quite as luminous.

Get glowing this summer with these five desert-proof tips to sporting radiant skin, even in the triple-digits. We’ve compiled the most effective techniques and rituals to keep you feeling like a Mojave goddess, in any season.

Rejuvenate: No number of pricey products will work to hydrate and nourish if there is a build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is the middle child of the skin care routine, often skipped in favor of a cleanser or moisturizer; however, it is the single most effective way to improve the texture, color, and absorption of other products. Try June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Mask three times a week to keep skin fresh and soft.

Hydrate: Not all moisturizes are created equal. Scientifically speaking, it’s all about the molecules. The smaller the molecules, the more potent the moisturizer. Look for serums and oils to layer beneath a day cream containing long- wearing humectants like hyaluronic acid.

Internalize: Your skin is the body’s largest organ. By incorporating anti-inflammatory and anti-aging supplements, such as fish oil and collagen protein powder, you’re reversing the signs of aging from the inside out. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Liven up your H2O by infusing it with cucumbers, ginger and lemon to de-puff and detox.

Don’t splurge on the sunshine: While summer packs a calendar full of pool parties, BBQs and vacations, your skin doesn’t have to RSVP to the lackluster and dehydrated after effects of a robust social life. The connection between sun exposure and skin cancer is well-known, however an aversion to the texture of sunscreen remains. Swapping a cream for a powder or a mousse formula will keep the rays at bay without weighing the skin down. Try Eminence Sun Defense Mineral sunscreen or TIZO foam sunscreen, SPF 30.

Nocturnal Nourishment: While we sleep, the entire body is renewing cells. Logging between seven to nine hours of quality rest will do wonders for a fatigued complexion. Ask any new mother how their skin looked during the first months of having a baby and they will confirm there is something to the old adage of beauty sleep.

Jennifer Battisti is an aesthetician, writer and educator for a resort spa in Las Vegas.