Love Made Them Do It

The love of tea time, the love of coffee, the love of family and friends.

Amidst the bright lights and hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, lies an innovative new concept celebrating the tradition of coming together around a spot of tea and a glass of rosé. Introducing Café Lola, a modern and chic twist on a traditional European café. Las Vegas entrepreneurs and owners of The Refined Agency, Lin Jerome, Alexandra Lourdes and their restaurateur husbands Stephen Jerome and Michael Santos, are pleased to present a new neighborhood café serving the Las Vegas communities of Summerlin and Southwest Las Vegas.

Lattés, afternoon tea, frosé, oh my! Café Lola wows clientele with an exquisite selection of organically sourced teas and coffee, paired with offerings of unique specialty lattés, delicious toasts, delectable salads, and many gluten free and vegan options. To tantalize the most discerning sweet tooth, macarons, cookies, assorted pastries and the famous pink vegan donut fill their display alongside New York’s finest Italian ice, a Jerome family secret recipe. To top it off, guests may peruse selections of Champagne and wine and taste their signature frosé.

Reminiscent of a European sidewalk café, modern elegance is the immediate vibe one feels when entering this Instagrammable paradise. Marble counters and tables, beautiful chandeliers, gold accents and floral walls adorn Café Lola’s beautiful space.

Café Lola has mastered the art of presentation. Weekend afternoon tea is served upon famed designer Christina Re Teaware. Offerings are served on decorated fine china and accompanied by cutlery with a midas touch. Personality enriched spaces are filled with exquisite furnishings, fabrics and florals.

The Heart of Café Lola

Made With Love: Jerome and Lourdes have carefully selected teas, coffees and ingredients to ensure that they are naturally sourced while offering a variety of gluten free and non-dairy items to appeal to everyone’s needs.

Approachable: The staff and owners have cultivated a warm and welcoming environment. Guests can sense that their pleasure was considered when experiencing the high standard of service and exemplary quality of presentation.

They challenge themselves to think outside the box with everything they do. No is not an answer, as they believe anything is possible. Their goal is to redefine what “coffee shop” means to guests and to expand the understanding of its definition in general.

Respectful: They consider everyone as an extension of their families.

The staff remains knowledgeable about the source of their products, offerings, ingredients, substitutions, upsells, flavor profiles and company culture.

Café Lola
4280 S. Hualapai Way Ste. #109
Las Vegas, NV 89147