When you set your goals for the year, you may have considered how you wanted to grow in your career and in your personal life. Did you ask yourself how you wanted to help your community grow and thrive? Did you ever consider how closely your goals could be connected to giving back?

Every hour you invest in helping your community can help achieve your personal goals and make your life better. Recent research by UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch has discovered that 75% of people who volunteered in the past year said volunteering made them feel physically healthier, which carries over into mental health as well. Many of the participants said they felt a greater satisfaction with their life due to the sense of purpose provided by volunteering.

When you consider the benefits of volunteering personally, try multiplying that by 100 or even 1,000 and you may come close to seeing the benefits to the places where you’re donating your time. Whether it’s helping your neighbor, volunteering in your child’s school, or working with one of the hundreds of nonprofit organizations in our community, you as a volunteer are the positive force that someone else could need in their life.

Together, we’re building and strengthening our community’s foundation

That positive force is never more evident than during Day of Caring, United Way’s annual day of giving back to organizations and schools in Southern Nevada. During this one day, people from all walks of life come together to volunteer and make an impact. Last year, over 1,600 volunteers committed to helping 64 nonprofit agencies and schools: completing projects like reading to students, creating health kits, planting gardens and beautifying common spaces.

Thousands of volunteers uniting to help those most in need in Southern Nevada is incredible in its own right, but this year, Day of Caring holds an even stronger significance. The date of October 5, 2018 was set more than a year ago, but no one could have predicted the events of 1 October, mere days after the 2017 Day of Caring event drew to a close. Volunteers now have a greater reason to come together, with Day of Caring serving as the focal point of a week of events in remembrance of those lost and offering the opportunity to turn powerful emotions into action.

“Day of Caring will allow people to engage and focus those emotions and energies into something positive,” said Scott Emerson, United Way President and CEO. “Together, we’re building and strengthening our community’s foundations by helping the organizations and schools we all rely on to fight for the success of Southern Nevada.”

Hundreds of volunteers have already registered to be a part of the action. You can get involved at uwsn.org/caring, where you can find a full- or half-day project that interests you with a cause you support. Bring your work team, family, or friends and use this as a chance to bond and give back, or just enjoy the day knowing that you’re making a difference. The benefits to you are clear and, on October 5th, you’ll see firsthand just how much it helps the community.