Millennials are cause-driven, tech savvy and continue to work passionately to shape their local communities. Many employers are bombarded with misinformation about this generation and how they contribute to the workforce. There are many benefits of hiring and engaging the millennial workforce. For employers who are on the fence about hiring a millennial, here are two popular myths about millennials dispelled.

MYTH: Millennials have no job loyalty.
The average length of time at a place of employment for a Baby Boomer is seven years. With millennials, that time is just about two years—long enough to have an opportunity to succeed. They do not have a feeling of entitlement, but they are entitled, like any other employee, to respect in the workplace, more responsibility, fair pay and opportunities for growth. When a millennial joins an organization, they know quickly if their employer is an advocate for them. Employers should take initiative by seeking out leadership development programs specifically designed to advance their millennial workforce. For example, The Leadership Foundation of Greater Las Vegas’ Leadership Advance program (Leadership.Vegas) is tailored specifically for emerging leaders in the workforce and can give millennials information about the community and leadership skills that will last a lifetime. When you show initiative and interest in giving your millennial workforce more opportunities, it will inspire loyalty for your company.

MYTH: Millennials are too picky with their job search.
Too often, millennials are pinned as an entitled, social media-obsessed generation that will not work for a company unless its fits all of their cultural needs. Company culture plays a large factor on whether a millennial chooses a company for good reason.

Millennials are all about a strong and vibrant company culture and why wouldn’t they be? Everyone wants to be a part of an organization that makes a difference in their communities; millennials just factor in the culture more in their hiring decisions. Job perks such as paid lunches, time off and fringe benefits along with company culture are weighed alongside salary as part of a total package deal. Employers need to step up their game in terms of company culture and appeal to the values of the millennial generation. For young professionals, make sure you do your homework: just because a company seems to be a good fit on paper doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask a lot of questions about company culture. You are about to spend 40 plus hours a week in this office. Make sure it’s the right position for you.

Millennials are hard working, cause-driven and dedicated people, and make great employees and develop into great leaders. It’s time to dispel the myths and get down to business to make sure your company is adequately attracting them to your organization and ensuring a future pipeline of talented leaders.

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