By Tonya Twitchell

In the winter 2017-18 issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine, I invited you to consider—and choose—who you want to be in 2018. Specifically, I asked you to consider the words you most want people to say about who you are as a person and leader, and to think about what it would look like for you to become a true and committed champion of yourself.

As you think back on the past few months, how successful have you been at championing yourself and your possibilities? How willing have you been to rewrite or retire the stories you had previously told about who you are and about what is possible for you in your life?

What do you say to and about yourself when you look in the mirror first thing each morning? What are the words that go through your mind as you lay your head on your pillow each night? I now challenge you to notice and observe the conversations you are having with yourself. Pay attention to the words you say, how quickly and automatically you say them and the degree to which they support or diminish your potential and possibilities. Consider how you might reword and step forward from these moments. Consider how you could respond in a way that empowers and champions who you are and who you want to become.

Pay attention also to the armor or masks you may unconsciously or inadvertently be wearing. Where did these masks come from and how do they make you feel when they are on? Do these masks and armor serve you? Are they necessary and empowering and in alignment with who you most want to be and become? What would it look and feel like for you to set these masks aside and allow yourself and others to really see you? What does it cost you and others when you do not show up as the most empowered, authentic you in your life?

As you continue stepping forward toward your legacy, I challenge you to champion the you that lives beneath your mask. Welcome and invite yourself to step forward boldly, courageously and with confidence and certainty. Honor your intrinsic greatness by listening to and for the words and ideas that you must share with yourself. Champion yourself fiercely and unapologetically in those moments when limiting beliefs, words and habits threaten to derail you from your course. Most of all, remember that championing one another, our individual and collective possibilities and ourselves is a journey. Know that you will have moments when you succeed as well as many moments when you fail. Be willing to allow each moment to be a new moment. Be willing to set down your masks, assumptions and fears. Know that if you keep moving toward your legacy, you can and will eventually get there. Set your sights on your possibilities and be willing to continually get up, dust yourself off and restart.

Tonya TwitchellTonya Twitchell is a champion of possibilities. In her work with individuals, teams and corporations, Tonya provides training, coaching and public speaking about the importance of leadership and legacy. For more information, visit,, or email Tonya at