Since 2010, Sambalatte has been changing the way Las Vegas savors coffee. Owner Luiz Oliveira prides himself on delivering more than a cup of coffee; Sambalatte is an experience. “We focus on the ambiance, consistent quality and education. We build relationships with our producers in Brazil, where I personally visit annually, and are continuously educating ourselves in the industry,” said Oliveira.

With the “farm-to-cup” approach to coffee, Oliveira chooses only the best quality beans and the local artisan blends and roasts weekly to deliver an unforgettable cup of coffee. Specialties include Balaproof coffee, Sambalatte’s take on the Bulletproof coffee craze; Samba Xen, an organic matcha cocoa drink; their new cold brew bottled to go, Samba Rock; and seasonal delights, including a butterscotch gingerbread drink.

Other menu items include various tea drinks steeped from the highest quality loose leaf teas and food offerings from breakfast sandwiches, pastries, salads, desserts and snacks.

Sambalatte now has four locations, including the newly-opened Sambalatte at The Smith Center, which will remain open late on show evenings. The décor for this location mimics the lifecycle of a coffee bean; greens, reds and rich espresso. The walls are adorned in reclaimed wood and a coffee belt mosaic tile map, which took over 200 hours to complete. Afternoons will feature a high tea experience, with reservations being required.

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