Can you really have it all? Some like the fun of convertibles and some like the versatility of SUVs. But what if you like both? Is there such a vehicle? Yes, Virginia there is! It is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

In its third year of production, this compact SUV with a z-folding soft top is quite the charmer. In what other vehicle can one work on their tan while traversing rough terrain? All while being surrounded in the finest leather and wood.

For those who like stats, it has a super-efficient 237- or a 286-horsepower turbo-charged four-cylinder engine matted to a 9-speed automatic and, being a Range Rover, it has an incredible all-wheel drive.

On the geek side of the equation, the Evoque Convertible has a 10-inch touchscreen “Infotainment” system that is the heart of the vehicle’s technology center. It controls a multitude of functions, including music, hands-free cellphone and navigation.

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