With this issue, I have enjoyed reading the articles that relate to inspiring women and being worth more than what you see in the mirror. My 5-year-old daughter depends on me to fill her cereal bowl in the morning, drive her safely to school, give her hugs and kisses. What I look like in the mirror is not relevant to fulfilling her needs. We hope this issue helps you feel less alone in anything you may be going through and more satisfied with yourself, from the inside out.

Within these pages, we feature articles that:

Lead: The cover story featuring Soozi Jones Walker and Bobbi Miracle, a mother-daughter team taking the commercial real estate world by storm, gives inspiration to women that hard work pays off and they are enough in their lives and careers.

Motivate: I can relate to Meghan Bailey’s “Bored of Me” project. I’ve known her for years, we got married around the same time and have children the same age, both of which have impacted my path. Following along with her journey to finding herself once again is comforting to know that, yes, someone else feels the same way.

Celebrate: Dr. Cynthia Payne embraces the joy of traveling in our Escape to Sedona piece. Sedona is on my must-visit list and it is only a short drive from Las Vegas.

But most of all, this summer, I invite you to unwind, disconnect, and celebrate you. Spend a few extra minutes doing the things you love and fewer minutes doing the things you don’t. Let your laundry pile up one more day, make that pit stop for an ice cream or a cocktail. But whatever you do, don’t forget your sunscreen.

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