At the beginning of each year, I give myself a word to focus on, sort of like a mantra. In the past I’ve used “focus,” “joy” and this year I used the word “no.” Saying no meant that I would stop saying yes to things that would overwhelm me, things that did not fill my cup or bring me joy. It also meant I probably offended or upset people during the year, but I held true to my “no” and used the word frequently. I still overwhelmed myself, but it was with things that I wanted to do and things I felt obligated to do.

As we head into 2019, I am thinking about what my new word will be. Should it be “focus” again, so that I remember to focus on myself, which isn’t easy when you are a mom, a wife and have a job. Or should it be “growth” so that I remember to set goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them? What about “accountable” to ensure that I stay true to what I say I am going to do?

This issue is packed full of articles dedicated to wrapping up the year successfully and positively. From the dressing for success tips to the business trends to watch in 2019 to the strategies that can increase your career marketability to vision boards, we have the stories you need to finish 2018 strongly and go into 2019 confidently.

The gift guide will help you find something for the most discerning taste and showcases some of our favorite planners for organizing yourself in the new year.

A new year gives us a fresh slate to lay out our goals, words, hopes and more for the year. I encourage you to take time to reflect on what you’ve achieved this year and continue to propel yourself forward.

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Cheers to a new year!