Happy 2018

My hope is that you entered this new year with new enthusiasm. Perhaps you purchased a new planner and were ready to spring up and grow. Now that we are a few months into the year, where are you now with what you set out to do? Have you been staying on track? Are you able to find the inspiration needed to stay motivated?

You will find many inspirational articles within this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine. The women featured in this edition are talented, driven and fierce. They have paved the way in many areas of life and I commend them for sharing their stories with us.

As we come together to make our community a better place, are you willing to take this journey with us? Are you ready to look deep within and determine if you are living the best version of yourself? This takes vulnerability and courage, but it certainly can be done.

Our goal is to guide you through this journey by sharing valuable information and examples that will help you reach your full potential. There is so much greatness in our community and every bit of it starts with you, which is why we want to ensure that you are living life on purpose.

We look forward to shining the spotlight on those that have made a positive impact. You never know, YOU could be next!

Thank you for allowing us to motivate, lead and celebrate you… one issue at a time.