When a Jaguar such as F-PACE, XJL or XF is driven down a road, people notice the stylish automobiles and the women driving them. It is obvious that these proud owners are confident professionals who appreciate the value of a Jaguar.

Jackie Valiente test drove a number of other cars before selecting her Jaguar XF. “The other cars didn’t drive as smoothly and the trunk wasn’t big enough in some of them. This Jaguar is perfect for me for both my career in real estate and my family.” She didn’t want an SUV but still needed the room and this model offers what she needs. Jackie is appreciative of Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas dealership and how well the service department takes care of her automobile. “This is my third Jaguar and I just love it.”

The Jaguar XF combines design, dynamics and refinement to create a car that offers both excitement and comfort while enhanced with the latest technologies.

A first-time owner of a Jaguar F-Pace, Michelle Jorgenson works in real estate in Cedar City, Utah and found the car to be perfect with clients. Her Jaguar gets excellent gas mileage with its diesel engine and performs well in the mountain community. Since she has to commute to the dealership, they work with her schedule and makes certain that everything is covered.

Another first-time owner of the Jaguar F-Pace, Rachel Oostman selected this particular model because, “I love the new Jaguar models. This is a perfect mix of a sporty and luxury vehicle. I just love the design of the car and the features it offers.” She enjoys driving the car because she feels it is not a pretentious vehicle but a fun, fast and sleek car she is proud to own. People tell Rachel when she is driving how they admire her car and she loves the attention. “Let’s face it, Las Vegas is a car city, and this is a great car that combines a classic look with an upscale, sleek design.” As a regional salesperson for the Midwest and west regions for Prop & Peller Pretzels Company, Rachel travels in her car quite a bit.

She is so appreciative of the sales and service from the dealership. “We can just text them and someone responds immediately. I feel like we are friends.”

Switching from a Mercedes Benz, Linda Day just fell in love with her Jaguar F-Pace SUV. “It is so comfortable. The seating just wraps around you, the drive is so smooth and responds so well.” She is amazed at the features the car offers including alerting her to take a break or apply more pressure to the wheel. Its style is so captivating that Linda has had people stop her when she parks the car and admire her Jaguar. The dealership takes great care of her and she is very comfortable with both the sales and service department.

The Jaguar F-Pace is the first Jaguar luxury performance SUV to bring together sporty handling and dramatic beauty with everyday practicality and efficiency. The Jaguar F-Pace is dynamic, luxurious and loaded with sporting style. Yet each has a slightly different personality like the women who drive them.

Deon Blaney recently purchased a new Jaguar XJL sedan, one of many Jaguars she has purchased over the past 20 years. As the owner of a registered investment advisory firm provides portfolio management for high net worth clients, she appreciates the reputation of the car. But Deon enjoys it personally as well.

“We have three cars in the household. Our Jaguar is our go-to vehicle when it comes to a road trip or date night. We love the comfort and the elegance of the car. We really didn’t consider any other automobiles. We knew we just wanted another Jaguar.”

Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas is also her go-to dealership.

“We have purchased many cars throughout the years and this purchase experience was outstanding on every level. A purchase of an automobile can be a challenging one but, our salesman, Justin, as well as the dealership made the process seamless and the purchase enjoyable.”

Jody Tieszen agrees since she is driving her fourth Jaguar, a red Jaguar XJL. “It is a beautiful car with a beautiful design. I have owned one vintage Jaguar and three new ones and every year the car gets better.” As an interior designer with her own firm, Jody needs a car that is reliable as well as a standout. She only has to go to the service department for oil changes and has been a client of the dealership for years.

“It is an impressive vehicle and the red color I selected this year really captures my clients’ attention,” Jody added.

Increased leg room, an exquisite interior and sporting agility give the Jaguar XJL a commanding presence inside and out and rear-seat passengers can stretch out.

Jaguar features comfort, confidence and safety. Come test drive one at Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas located at 5255 W. Sahara Ave. For more information, visit JLRLV.com.