TIABI, an acronym for To Inspire and Be Inspired, is the company mantra of owners Tiffany Stiles and Mae Pineda’s coffee shop located in central Las Vegas.

“We are a battle-born coffee shop that serves locally roasted coffees, handcrafted waffles and vegan specialties. The sky is the limit when you are passionate about what you do,” said Stiles. “When making changes in our store and talking to customers, we find ourselves asking, ‘Will it inspire others?’ Our waffles are our signature, 100% vegan recipe and our coffees are locally roasted from various roasters in the city.”

Signature menu items such as Tiff’s Waffle Macchiato, a cinnamon vanilla latte topped with whipped cream and a churro waffle, and The West Coast, a waffle sandwich with chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, cheese and TIABI sauce are among the most popular items served to locals, UNLV students and even tourists seeking local spots off the Las Vegas Strip.

Stiles and Pineda opened TIABI’s doors in 2013 after meeting while studying at UNLV and are happy to have started a business near their old stomping grounds. TIABI is also a great place to study, hang out and make new friends of all ages.

3961 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89119