My Head Shave and Letting it All Go

By Jodi Friedman

“I learned the truth at 17
That love was meant for beauty queens
And high school girls with clear skinned smiles
Who married young and then retired”

Excerpt of “At 17” by Janis Ian, 1975

We come into this world inspired with the divine … precious, bold, and innocent; full of hope and wonderment … we feel the world we are in through the need to love and to be loved. In the beginning we are filled with such abundant light. Our breath automatically guides and sustains us through our entire earthly mission. It oxygenates every single cell in our bodies and does what is necessary for us to thrive magnificently and stay alive.

As a young woman, I defined myself with my perception of femininity. My hair, my clothing, my Barbie dolls, my girlfriends, and eventually my makeup all helped to create my outer appearance of who I thought I “should be.” I learned early on not only to create my success through my appearance; I also learned how sometimes my external appearance could crush my soul under the weight of others’ disapproval.

In ninth grade, my face was partially paralyzed with a condition called Bell’s Palsy. I was teased and tormented by others who thought my condition made me ugly. It was after this emotionally painful time that I based many of my life decisions on the need for others’ approval. Being loved by others was so important to me that I became trapped in a place of low self-esteem.

In March, something powerful led me to the nine-day Divine Mother Navaratri Festival in the Harekhan Ashram in India. This is the path that led me to Babaji’s Ashram and my divinely inspirational head shave or “Mundun.”

With all the emphasis on the outer being, it keeps the real work of inner beauty hidden. Even though I felt tremendous pain in letting my hair go as “an act of service” to myself and the world, I decided to let go of what felt so very precious to me over my entire life.

The head shave was held in an auspicious ceremony in the Ganges River in the Himalayas to release what I thought made me beautiful. When I decided to lose the attachment to my hair, everything that I needed was truly inside of me; that place where beauty lives and breathes.

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